I’m a huge fan of things that taste like other things: taco shells that taste like Doritos, crackers that taste like pizza, milk that tastes like chocolate. So imagine my sheer joy when I learned that Lollyphile (of Blue Cheese and Breast Milk sucker fame) is selling bacon-Sriracha flavored lollipops. Did you see it in your mind’s eye? I punched a hole in the wall and jumped through a closed window. Glass EVERYWHERE. But don’t worry, I was only on the first floor, so I only got skinned knees. Skinned knees, and shattered glass embedded into the palms of my hands. If I manage to score a bacon-Sriracha flavored lollipop, then this was definitely worth it. If not, then… man, I guess I didn’t really think this through. Somebody call an ambulance!


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Via: Thrillist