Bacon goes with everything. When I say “everything” I mean EVERYTHING. Sandwiches? They’re better with bacon on them. Eggs? Much better with a side of bacon. Chili? Throw some bacon in it, and it’ll be even better than it already is. Or, you could just use Bacon Hot Sauce to give your chili some extra heat, and delicious bacon flavor at the same time. Bacon Hot Sauce combines the two essential ingredients for a good meal (bacon, and hot sauce) into one bottle. We suggest keeping a lot of it around – you’re sure to go through a lot of it since you’ll be using it at every meal.

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  1. Brent

    Cereal? Not better with bacon, but I like your 3-years-too-late hackneyed attempt at making bacon “awesome”.

  2. Marrec Bergstrom

    mmmm yummy where can i buy this

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