Just in time for Cinco De Mayo, here’s Mini Taco Cookies. You can find the recipe by Sandra over at SheKnows.com, the same site that brought us these Piñata Cookies. Damn yeah, SheKnows… HOW TO PARTY! The cookie-taco shell is made out of Golden OREOs held together with peanut butter candy melts. The inside is filled with ground beef (chocolate frosting and crushed chocolate OREOs), lettuce (green food coloring and coconut flakes), cheese (cut orange Airhead and banana Laffy Taffy), and cherry tomatoes (pieces of Hot Tamale candies). Wow! That’s super creative. And inspiring… me to ask Sandra to be my mom! Please? I will ensure no cookies go to waste. Unless we’re talking about cookies going to my waist, then yes, absolutely. That’s where I gain first. So as my new mom, Sandra, the first order of business is that you’re probably gonna have to buy me some bigger sweatpants! No wait, let’s make that the second order of business. First order of business is definitely the cookies.



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