This is a series of Animal-Shaped Wine Racks from Conte-Bleu. There’s a Doberman, penguin, reindeer, and an elephant. Uh oh! Looks like the zoo keeper left his hooch out again. The animals are having a rager! Annnd I’m not invited. Not that I’m surprised — my cats get together and party without me all the time. Sometimes I come home on a Friday night only to be locked out of my own apartment, because they don’t want me to ruin the good time. “But I brought pizza!” I scream, to which they reply “Thanks, just shove it through the mail slot!” Jk jk, it’s usually more like “Meow meow meow meow GTFO before we call the cops!”


animal-wine-bottle-holders-3 animal-wine-bottle-holders-4 animal-wine-bottle-holders-5 animal-wine-bottle-holders-s


Thanks to the Royal Angel King for the tip. Where ever he goes there’s a party, because he IS the party. Lucky!

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