Tongue 2 Teeth (or T2T) is an invention by Adel Elseri and Said Fayad. It’s a tongue-mounted toothbrush that’s coated with toothpaste, has a bumpy texture, and slips over your tongue. Adel says he came up with the concept while driving home from a 12 hour shift. That’s impressive! The only thing I’ve ever come up with after driving home from a 12 hour shift is something along the lines of “Someone should invent cars that automatically drive you home. Yawwwn! Man, I’m so sleepy. Just gonna rest my eyes here for a minute. Zzzzzz–CRASH!” So yeah, not quite the invention I’ve been dreaming of (literally!), but still cool. You just keep on working toward revolutionizing the world of oral hygeine, guys!

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  1. Mr Jefferson

    Looks like a weird sex toy