Sneaky flask making company Multi-Flasking (I see what you did there) is selling this flask that looks like a can of what appears to be knock-off Axe Body Spray. The product site insists the flask pays for its $20 price tag in just one night at the clurb. Unfortunately, booze is NOT included. An absolute shame. Not that all the booze in the world could even make Axe Body Spray okay, because it can’t. And this is knock-off Axe Body Spray! I used to think there was nothing worse than Axe Body Spray until I found out that there was such a thing as knock-off Axe Body Spray. That day, a part of my soul died. Just kidding, all of it. My entire soul died upon learning about knock-off Axe Body Spray.


Thanks to Scott for sending in the tip. I have a feeling he has something to do with the product and now I feel terrible about everything I’ve written here. Still friends?

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  1. Holly Jackson

    It’s not knock off. They use a different name in the UK. Like, Lays crisps in America are called Walkers in the UK

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