Burritos are like cookies: I never met one I didn’t like. Plus they make me fat. BurritoBox is the first ever 24 hour burrito vending machine. God, those words made my heart well up with tears. Happy tears. Happy, hungry tears. The machine offers 5 different varieties of burrito: roasted potato, uncured bacon, shredded beef, chicken, or chorizo sausage. Each goes for just $3 (plus tax) but if you want sour cream, Tabasco, or guac, you’re gonna have to pay extra. After you swipe your credit card, the machine plays some tasty jams and then spits our your hot burrito. The best part is, the BurritoBox is located in West Hollywod, less than 6 miles away from my house, so you know what that means! It’ll take me at least seven hours to get there, because LA traffic, amirite? Don’t forget to tip your waitress! I’m here all week, thank you, good night.






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  1. Zorrito Plateado

    A chingar a su madre el “taco”

  2. Kellie

    Yup! Mmmmm! :^)

  3. MissWorld

    I got all excited imagining this machine laying down a wrap, pooping some steaming hot mystery meat on it, squirting out some creamy toppings then tiny little creepy robot arms folding it all up then it sliding out of a slot like a bill in an Atm. Pre wrapped, w/ separate toppings is a total boner kill. :/

  4. Tooty McToots

    That’s EXACTLY what I thought. Minus the boner :-/

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