If you normally skip the ketchup when eating fries in the car for fear of staining your seats, then you need the French Fry Cone & Dip. This handy product lets you store fries and ketchup in one cup holder sized container making it much easier to dip your fries. It’s also useful for other times you might want to do some one-handed snacking, like while watching TV, using a tablet, or just when you’re hanging out being awesome and expecting some high-fives. “Is that a French Fry Cone & Dip? Awesome! Up top!” And then you receive the highest of fives for adopting new innovative products centered around snacking convenience. If that situation sounds far fetched to you, you’re obviously not a true American who shares the same values as the rest of us.

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  1. Mysteria

    Hi. Do you know any manufacturing company or supplier who provide this that could ship atleast 20,000 pieces?

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