Redditor naturaltrip posted this pic of a Zombie Hand Pipe. It looks pretty cool. Unfortunately, burnt rotting flesh is like one of my least favorite scents so lighting up a severed zombie hand is not for me. The smell of fresh cut grass? That’s probably in my top 5 faves. So I’d definitely toke upon, I dunno, a golf course? My neighbor’s lawn mower? Aw hell, who am I kidding? I’ve never turned down free ganj and I’m not gonna start now — given the chance I’d absolutely hit this cool/grody zombie pipe. Weed doesn’t grow on trees after all! But it does grow in bushes basically, so now I’m all kinds of confused.


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  1. Mak

    Where can I buy this!!!!

  2. cera

    why cant I buy this?

  3. Curtis

    I would love to have a Zombie Hand Pipe E-Mail me & let me now where i can get one [ [email protected] ]

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