Here’s a view from the tippy top of the tallest waterslide EVAR. It’s called the Meg-a-Blaster and is being built over at Schlitterbahn park in Kansas City. The towering slide measures nearly 140 feet high and will presumably send you careening to your death. Upon looking at the photo, I asked aloud “How do people not die?” to which my creepy-ass roommate looking over my shoulder replied “Well it aint open yet, B. Just give it time.” Then he patted me reassuringly as if that is what I would have liked. I don’t blame him for thinking that, because I’m pretty sick. Not THAT sick, but still… pretty damn sick.

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  1. Carrie Price

    AAAARG! NO! Just…NO.

  2. Scott Van Achte

    Awesome :) Sign me up…

  3. Ang

    Thank you for your consideration, but NOPE!!

  4. Meppie

    I think it should be called the Shitterbahn

  5. WCREclipseSecurity

    Hell No im not ridiing that

  6. Ronery

    Yes! Just…YES

  7. Tony Jay Hodges

    carrie me and you slide down together,lol

  8. Elfman

    It’d be a good way to go if you want to commit suicide.

  9. guest

    perhaps a seatbelt is needed to stay on the slide itself. What would happen if someone leaned forward and air current took them off the slide? Isn’t a parachute needed?