Chewing gum brand Beldent held a social experiment with identical twins. One gets a piece of gum, the other doesn’t. Then they ask a bunch of people a series of questions like “Which one seems like he has more friends?” and “Which one has a better sex life?” That… is a personal question. Definitely none of any gum’s business! Apparently for the most part people like the twin who’s chewing gum. Says the results of an experiment conducted by a chewing gum company. How convenient!


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  1. Alex

    The annoying thing about gum is when people smack the gum, when they try to talk with gum in their mouths, and the fact that it sometimes makes a person seem disinterested or distracted. The construct of the experiment (i) has the audience wearing headphones, drowning out the noise of the gum, (ii) does not have the persons trying to have a conversation, and (iii) has the non-gummy twin staring blankly forward like a dead-eyed serial killer, effectively negating the negative aspects of gum chewing. The experiment basically tells you only that the stigma of chewing gum is less than the stigma of inertly staring forward expressionless looking bored.