This is a batshit insane music video for the song “Chick Chick” by Chinese pop group Wang Rong Rollin. It makes stuff like “What Does The Fox Say?” seem absolutely tame, says Charles from Guitar Junky. I don’t know what the hell I just watched but I’ll have whatever they’re having.

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  1. Daytonagk

    Yep No more internet for me today.

  2. DataMatrix

    Someone let this “chick” know she’s not Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

  3. Ember Erebus

    Hows is this more insane than What Does the Fox Say? It’s basically the same video/song.

  4. Raptosaurous

    can we get a traslation here?

  5. Shawn

    The lyrics are really inane… the lyrics are basically on repeat: hen, hen, hen, hen… cluck, cluck, cluck… rooster, rooster, rooster.. cockle-doodle, cockle-doodle, cockle-doodle… who stole my chuah-mi $^@#%?

  6. Evenstar

    Apparently Lady Gaga moved to China.

  7. Griff Jim Griffith

    I for one welcome our new pop culture overlords.

  8. Michael Angelo Ortiz

    I…. I like the beat too much DX SOME ONE HELP!

  9. Paul Harris

    At least the men in this video knew better than to show their faces! lol

  10. SierraMist

    This broke the internet more than Kim Kardashian.

  11. Chris

    This is What Does The Fox Say, but with Chinese people.

  12. Will W

    Makes more sense than the modern hip-hop scene.

  13. RattMice

    What’s a … Chuah-Mi? Like… Like is there an english subtitle version of this or can someone post the lyrics and explain what it means? Are they all animal sounds or names of animals?

  14. wong

    to be completely honest, no one fucking has time for that.

  15. Joy MistyRose

    Utterly disappointed in ‘music’ created these days…. sigh…

  16. toomuchfreetimeonhands

    Long ago, there was a beautiful village where lived lots of clever and cute little animals. One day, after big momma hen laid an egg, she started to scream and yell, “Who stole my ‘Chua Mi’ *profanity*?”
    All of the animals showed proof or explained how each of them were innocent. Thus, the once quiet and peaceful little farmstead was quiet no more…

    Then it’s pretty much what Shawn said.

  17. Chris D

    This is pretty unrealistic. Hens don’t wear pearl necklaces! I don’t mean to be nit-picky but that one detail really took me out of the reality of the video.

  18. hwen

    you’d think that understanding mandarin would help you ‘get’ this video but no. NO.

  19. jbve311

    It’s based on this Taiwanese hand game I played as a kid. Like patty cake. FYI

  20. jbve311

    Or I guess Mandarin Taiwanese game. Maybe mainlanders played it too. No idea. I’m only half and grew up mostly in the States, so who knows.

  21. jbve311

    Hi. I posted a comment above. It seems to be based on a Taiwanese hand game I played as a kid.

  22. Marjorie Teo

    nevertheless, they did achieved their objective by getting many people to click and watched althought kind of disagreed with the fucking mtv content…it called the reverse psychological effect…

  23. This side of X.

    The answer….. my friends…… are blowing in da wind?

  24. Timea Zuranyi

    I would watch this anytime over Kanye West.

  25. Tejus Shah

    lol taiwanese hand game…. taiwanese “hand game”… is this something you need to talk about in therapy? 0.o

  26. Feng

    ……I am fking speechless

  27. Jen Lee


  28. Jodler

    ??? Ive seen no difference to Lady Gaga!! ???

  29. Simon Peter Naudi

    its bad but the chinese girl is beautiful lol

  30. Tahereh Christine Safavi

    It’s a parody of a children’s rhyme, those sit-in-a-circle-and-clap games little kids play, like patty cake. This one involves naming all the barnyard animals and the sounds the make. It’s silly, but not any more “WTF” than if Lady Gaga did “Old MacDonald Had A Farm,” with backup dancers doing the “moo moo here, and a baa baa there,” etc.

  31. rz

    Wtf my eyes and ears bleeding profusely

  32. ullariitta

    I think this is great, for kids 0 – 8 years old and maybe some grandpas. Watch talented young dancers/singers perform with skill and learn some Chinese the easy way. It makes me wanna dance, should do the same to you. There is nothing WTF here, just silly and healthy fun.
    Thanks to commenters here who explained what it is about. Love.

  33. Yu


  34. Amused

    The song has no lyrics (in chinese it says: chicks cackle, hens cackle, roosters cackle, iterate) :/

    It’s basically a mindless amalgamation of “What does the fox say” and “GangNam style” – probably intended to make it go viral on the internet haha. If you judge it by its objective, I’d say its doing pretty well :P

  35. Eujiboo

    So for anyone that don’t understand Chinese like I do , the lyrics are pretty much all these through the whole song :
    hen hen hen hen hen hen
    chick chick chick chick chick chick chick
    rooster rooster rooster rooster rooster rooster
    (random animal noises)

    and it repeats .

  36. tedthefed

    I want that one chicken with the pearl necklace to be my best friend.

  37. faron

    of a cross between Grace Jones meets Lady Gaga and throw in Bianca
    Jagger when she found Mick in bed with Bowie while listening to Yoko

  38. Dennis Ferguson

    wow the chinese version of lady gaga kinda wierd but i expected as much

  39. ChineseKoreanJapVietThaiLaotia

    its Korean, not Chinese…. but i guess all asians look alike… like all Caucasians look alike. Take the author, for example. She’s Yugoslavian.

  40. Clark Cooley

    WTF did i just watch?

  41. Alaric

    Obviously China’s Lady Gaga.

  42. anon

    this is actually kinda lame….i dont see the “wtf” in it.

  43. Tobias Holmberg

    we need interstellar travel so we can get away from these crazy people.. or atleast send them away

  44. flagora

    this is a cheap imitation of “what does the fox say”.

  45. Ron E Cash


  46. Kevin Soylent Green

    still better than Nickelback!

  47. Alison Hudson

    Except that Lady Gaga doing Old MacDonald would ABSOLUTELY be a WTF moment. In fact, now I want it to happen. :)

    Thank you for the context though. It does at least explain the origin of the idea.

  48. DrLearnALot

    This is clearly a song about chickens and their empowerment to love their bodies as they are.

  49. Eviscera

    Still better than Justin Bieber

  50. jessica

    Its a kids music video.. dont hate if you dont understand what is going on. I thought it was cute and i dont understand the language. Yes, its silly but kids prob love it

  51. Terry Groff

    All your farm are belong to us

  52. Shayne


  53. Shayne

    I loved it… At least it’s sexy…

  54. Doug Griggs

    Ring a Round the Rosie, Pocket full of Posies, Rock a bye Baby, On the Tree Tops, I think I’ll go for some chic fill eh? Bring Down The Veil! Use the ANcient ICons! We are all one with you over here, too!

  55. Shayne

    :) !

  56. Fiddle Player

    I was happy when it ended

  57. Shayne

    it’s good, and she’s bad, if we’re lucky

  58. Thomas_Outt

    This is a fun & crazy video. It was a joy to watch! The dancers/performers must have had fun with this one!

  59. Shayne

    the only band not is Hootie and the Blowfish w/ Dave Matthews right behind…

  60. Reaper

    Hens arent typical Humans either.

  61. KOslo

    just a chinese copy of “what does the fox say”
    not original. not very good.

  62. Kira

    I think Die Antword is more WTF than this, but this was cool.

  63. Cedric Craig

    Wow, I wrote that exact comment when I shared it on Facebook. Lady Gaga + Old McDonald’s Farm is exactly what I saw from it…

  64. stephen ramsden

    that shitte was awesome! If only Kim K’s as had been featured in it, we would have already seeing on Good Morning America!

  65. john roberts

    Isn’t that Korean?

  66. Arjen Yiğit

    What the actual fuck

  67. Cedric Craig

    You can see the film crew in the reflection of her sunglasses…

  68. dude

    You mean it’s like if Fergi did a remix of London bridge… Wait…

  69. Alex

    Has anyone in this family actually seen a chicken?

  70. qly


  71. andres herrera

    whats with all the trannies?

  72. Del Martinis

    No Yoko Ono moved to China

  73. Jay Kcelf

    And we westerner wonder why Asians are so strange

  74. Jimmy Luo

    WTF ?._.

  75. Jeffrey Jacobson

    That was awesome!

  76. Jeffrey Jacobson

    I think this video is awesome.

  77. rando

    so…will she really sing like this in a stage? that’s the question.

  78. Greennumber9

    So this is the Chinese 3-6 mafia version of talking about chickenheads.

  79. Cleatis

    um, I think you’re the idiot for not realizing that he’s joking.

  80. LEL


  81. Gena Gellangala


  82. Shimbo

    I’d watch a four hour long documentary on root canal procedures over Kanye West.

  83. wje811

    Certainly some things lost in translation because of the language. I just did not see it so different from the rest of the lame videos that rockers do for what ever reason. I think the music video genre jump the shark a long time ago.

  84. ThatChick

    Like our version of Major Laser’s music video Pon De Floor?

  85. Shuang

    no this is Chinese and I know the singer. and fairly surprised coz she’s not had any records for years and this came out

  86. Anonymous

    My eyes and Ears are bleeding in agony… … This video is POISON !!! . >:(

  87. Harold Dyck

    WTF! I think China is due for another cultural revolution.

  88. James

    The Chinese always like to copy and imitate, and this time round they even wanna copy Japan’s strangeness?

  89. SirShitzu alot

    Is this an advertisement for Chick fil A? Eat Mor Chiken!

  90. Billy Bob Merkowitz

    Every kind of WTF

  91. Jackie PutridyCorpse Breedlove

    Lady gaga/Yo Gabagaba/ What does the fox say?


  92. cinezombie

    This is this generation’s Stairway to Heaven.

  93. Translator

    It’s Chinese. The story as it appears at the beginning: Once upon a time,there was a beautiful farm where there lived a lot of intelligent and adorable animals. One day, after the mother hen laid her egg, she came out and hollered – “Who stole my chicken feed?” but all the little animals swore that it wasn’t them that stole it. Then, the quiet farm suddenly came to life…

  94. pixiedust913

    Well, then. That *totally* makes sense now! Hahaha!!

  95. James Tarr

    Better than Justin Bieber.

  96. BarnCat

    Lmao I’d almost use it as my show’s theme song.

  97. Rice

    She sings at one point “Who stole my rice”.

  98. douche man

    I think your an idoit for having a small dick

  99. douche man

    I play Taiwanese hand games in my room all the time

  100. douche man

    with my dick

  101. gregge

    Oh, like that badger, badger, badger flash video. Now I get it. Wait, I don’t get it.

  102. James Chuah

    I am 12 and wat is this ?

  103. Francine Egbune Phillips

    that’s nothing compared to kyary pamyu pamyu!!!

  104. 王莽

    I’m born 2213 years ago , I’m from Dynasty Han , I even can’t understand what the video singing about ?

  105. Dennis TheSmartass Kim

    I think you are an idiot because you can’t spell idiot… all while having the world’s smallest dick.

  106. David Parker

    That was my favourite hen!

  107. hen

    I beg to differ… I think the small dick syndrome would actually mean the person is either very intelligent or funny or both… you know, to overcompensate… and drive a porsche. definitely a porsche.

  108. Tom Niclas Os Tornedal

    Totally annoying

  109. Bandimore Fox

    My fucking god youre right! ROFLMAO

  110. Jacqueline

    Omg, this is hilarious and full of creativity. I just about lost it when she started doing the chicken dance and stamping her feet. The Chinese version of Lady Gaga indeed.

  111. anononononononon

    this is japanese you ignorant american fucks

  112. Michael

    Insane! i love it!

  113. Katie

    yo don’t hate, Old MacDonald has some pretty confusing lyrics. hence why they just stuck with the Chinese translation of E-I-E-I-O :D

  114. anononononono

    it’s japanese, go back to school

  115. elle

    What did the chicken say?

  116. DeJaVu

    Dee-lite, “Groove is in the heart”, that’s where is video copied from………..

  117. hector

    Omg ,this kind an idiot group out of idea…lol

  118. Chicken Man

    I played this video…twice.

  119. Mike

    I you think of the weird stuff coming from China and Japan, this was far from the worst music video… Good try, but keep searching.

  120. Thomas Floorboard

    After reading through some comments about the video I was unhappy to learn . it’s only make believe. I’d begun making arrangements to move there and become a citizen My wife is crying as I write as she too thought we’d found home !

  121. trueblue

    I was bored, so I dropped acid and had sex with a little person to this song.

  122. Dan'l

    Wow, I suspected it was something like that. I mean, as much as they were repeating the same word over and over it had to be.

    Thanks for informing us.

  123. Jeffrey Filko

    No weirder than what does the fox say, or Dee-Lite back in the day. If you could understand the words, I bet it wouldn’t be “weird” at all

  124. Ash

    It’s not a pop “group”. It’s a solo singer only- Rollin Wang Rong.

  125. Ash

    what is a kanye west

  126. andy

    Well, this still beats KK front and back nude photos. This has class, KK no, just like a street hooker

  127. Vanessa

    lol my next morning song to wake up the kids

  128. Jobbára napos idő

    yes, just without the hot norvegian guys :)

  129. Bolong

    This is worse than What does the Fox Say.

  130. mikki

    I was fine up until the dog head guys.

  131. gram2000
  132. Acadie

    Oh boy……….if this is today’s music industry? Where in deep shit
    and soooooo fucked!!! How can we even like it and
    Say one day this is a clasdic like some do now with songs like Aqua :Barbie Girl..
    I hated that song and to me real music Died after the 70s

  133. musikfanat22

    …better than most of the other garbage out there, these days…

  134. Adele Abrams

    Yes! You’ve nailed it.

  135. Richard Uther

    It’s a recovering gayfish. And certainly shouldn’t be confused with Aquaman

  136. Gigi

    There is explanation at the beginning. I had to pause to read it: Long long ago there was a beautiful village. A lot of smart and cute little animals lived there. One day after she got done laying eggs, the hen came out yelling: Who stole my Mee Card (I had to google for this term but I think it is come type of internet money to play an online game. You can earn more by playing or you can buy it with real money)? Then she cursed. The little animals of the village all came out to prove that they didn’t steal it. A quiet village became rowdy. (morale? Don’t steal a girl’s mee card!)

  137. snakes251

    I’m in love with this chick already.

  138. max


  139. tool

    The lyrics are so profound, they strike an emotional chord. Poetry in motion. Bravo. Bravo.

  140. Bill Froog

    I got badger badger badger – crossed with angry birds

  141. Samantha Garcia

    Ehhh… My WTF happen a long time ago with Lady Gaga… This is pretty normal now :p

  142. Jason Alatorre


  143. Never_Speechless

    Gee that was the best thing I have seen in a very long time!

  144. Tiki

    Okay… What is the last line of the song, though… The part that has “Chua” in the sentence. That’s the only part of the lyrics I am trying to figure out… The line only happens every so often throughout the song, but I feel it has some importance…like the chick in the house is saying “SHUT THE HELL UP OUT THERE!” or something.

  145. chacocanyon

    Low budget!

  146. chacocanyon

    Makes me want to pluck a chicken. Would!

  147. Jupiter Jill

    Um drinking first cup of coffee and thinking this chick is brilliant! Love this crazy video!!

  148. jimonline

    Love it!! All the men are animals. Don’t ever want to see it again though. It could never be that good twice. LOL

  149. Jack Ryan (Jonathan)

    It’s the Harbin Shake.

  150. edivvigo

    I wish we can all be idiots and bake cakes filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy

  151. Mats Kallmyr

    Chinese are very good on copying, but try to be first instead! Much better

    Ylvis – The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) [Official music video HD]

  152. MollyDuke

    I think someone dared her to make a song about chickens… thats my only explanation….

  153. Dana Pekarchick

    Simple…. Chinese version of “Old McDonald Had A Farm”!!!

  154. Mark

    Just glad they didn’t leave out the subtitles

  155. Progist7001

    As long as I don’t have to look at any tiny dicks.

  156. Ulle

    Lady Gaga is for kids

  157. David Hatch-Bernier

    I hate myself for watching that.

  158. David Hatch-Bernier

    It’s “you’re” an idiot, and men with small penises drive Corvettes and Escalades.

  159. annoianoid

    That wasn’t incredible, that was cynical click bait.

  160. WHMay

    What The Pluck?

  161. Macker

    I got through :43 and couldn’t take it anymore!

  162. Mom2Ian03

    Showed this to my 11 year old, he said it was weird and just creepy!

  163. Jacqueline

    Aah, no. It’s definitely not Japanese.

  164. Mike Bump

    I am so turned on right now.

  165. StanleyTQ

    They do on Larry Flynt’s farm!

  166. Darkshadow667

    No more crazy than any OTHER lady gaga video.

  167. StanleyTQ

    Deadmau5 played a remix of “Old MacDonald” at a festival. Shortly before he gave up DJing at festivals entirely.

  168. Guest

    Ummmmm yeah………

  169. Guest

    Yeah okay…….

  170. heartpursuer

    I’d be more impressed if the video makers had managed to synch the audio.

  171. AllOfMyNOPE

    Well, there’s four minutes of my life that I’ll never get back…

  172. dingus

    These idiots are just trying to jump on the “what does the fox say” wagon….

    -10 for no originality.

  173. Phillip Marsh


  174. Kay

    Oh good. I was just thinking I wasn’t having any new terrifying nightmares lately…This will definitely change that…..

  175. Bev Wafford Morris

    I can’t say whether that’s true or now, but I have an ex-boyfriend who drove a Porsche, so I KNOW that one’s true.

  176. Matt

    This is on par with most of the shit that gets released nowadays. No stranger than Lady Gaga, No weirder than Marilyn Manson, no dumber than Miley Cyrus or his twin sister, Justin Bieber.

  177. optimistic

    The smallest the penis, the more places you can put it.

  178. allenebooth

    She’s wearing the new black!

  179. JLP

    I have two Corvettes and 7.5 inches

  180. Guest


  181. Nate Zier

    I think you’re an idiot for using the wrong form of your.

  182. carlamp13

    OMG this is so catchy!!! I like that the men are topless. Makes a change. :)

  183. BudMoore

    What the hell did I just watch?

  184. mirted

    Chinese Lady Gaga Henhouse.

  185. Phineas Q.

    Has anyone in China even *seen* a chicken?

  186. 美夢 スミス

    Hen version of “What does the fox say”

  187. FarmerMan

    there’s also a mix of a Korean song in there… haha..

  188. FourQ

    This could totally be a Devo video. Are we sure this wasn’t produced by Gerald Casale or Mark Mothersbaugh?

  189. Janglemuffin Trapnose

    What does the chick say?

  190. Mike Exinger

    Watch carefully at 2:10 in the video – there’s a guy choking his chicken. Flies by fast, and can’t be an accident…

  191. Kyle Marquez

    i thought american are the dumbest human being.. but this is worst!!! sigh..

  192. Shady Zakaria Abu Shama


  193. Zachary

    This looks like…I give up

  194. J CHew

    I thought narcotics were prohibited in China?

  195. Young American

    Stupid chickens!

  196. tony

    id rather see this than Kim Kardashian

  197. Clare Elliott

    I LOVE IT!!!

  198. poffo

    talent-less dribble, but quite stimulating to the eyes and neither regions…

  199. Emi Unicorn

    Errrrr it’s way to early for being on the weird side of the internet… k bai

  200. Emi Unicorn

    I hear you – the only thing I understand is “small chicken” its like 5 words repeated haha

  201. Mark R.R.Smith

    Racist of course, no black or latino dancers.

  202. Boden

  203. CrazedLeper

    If you don’t put some more African in your gene pool, eventually, none of you will have penises, at all.

  204. kluu

    It wasn’t so much the pearls but the cleavage, Birds don’t have mammaries only mammals do so no possible cleavage.

  205. PDonahueFLA

    She is about to lay an EGG, I think???

  206. ImXobs

    I think i had enough internet for the day.

  207. RingMaster

    I would like to know who is the target audience….chicken and hens?

  208. EdaE

    i think that line means “who stole my rice”

  209. Abu Daoud

    OMG I feel like someone just raped my brain.

  210. HarpSong

    sounded like she was saying either “gucci, gucci, guicci” or “poochy, poochy, poochy”.

  211. Bevin Chu

    Almost as bad as Illuminati videos of Lady Gaga.

  212. vitamindevo

    why, seriously why.

  213. Tshine

    7.5. Yum.

  214. Paris

    Sick! Absolutely sick, just wasted 15minutes of my life watching this mv and reading all the comments. Irrelevant , dang

  215. Lighspeed Snail

    On the contrary, birds have big breasts.

  216. spellcheck


  217. spellcheck


  218. tmc2365

    anyone know where i can get a copy on 8 track ? its for my 76 two tone blue grand prix.

  219. Me

    This song is no worse than most of the bullshit here in America.

  220. Terry Savory


  221. niki

    Music nowadays sucks & talentless

  222. Pioro

    What’s the Chinese word for chickenhead?

  223. Mando Line

    he’s not!

  224. darajman


  225. sleepines

    i think she’s talented

  226. NinjasOnTheLawn

    Fuck you Psy!!

  227. Paul

    The sad part is, this really is Chinese. Lol……

  228. reallongness

    …and a nose like Pinocchio.

  229. Chris Dair


  230. whydidyouburnmymind

    it’s way worse if you actually understand the lyrics. I need to bleach my mind and remove this nonsense. at least what the fox says has proper sentence and sounds reasonable okay compared to this horror arghharghjeb

  231. tori

    Big, juicy, glorious breasts. Mmm chicken.

  232. Tim

    This MV just gave me cancer

  233. AntiBanshee

    My favorite channel on Pandora.

  234. Bcat

    It reminds me of What does the Fox say. No dumber than that.

  235. light bringer

    chinese rock version of old mac donald

  236. Plan B

    gonna die man :P :P :P :P :P what a crazy video….we can say it Video only right

  237. Pablo

    pretty stupid.

  238. Cassi Plastow

    The woman’s hott though!

  239. Sam

    She’s not. Let’s face it, you can’t even see her true form under that ten inch layer of make-up. She’s actually more likely to be a lizard-creature under all that plaster than an attractive woman.

  240. Sam

    Listening to this gave me hearing AIDS.

  241. Guest


  242. Guest

    a aaah

  243. Zetheran

    Yep obviously

  244. Andrew

    You’re. You’re a douche too for being that stupid that you can’t even spell right, no doubts about that.

  245. Barack Obama

    they are singing about cocks

  246. micka micka what

    Mean girls! Love it!

  247. Jon Stewart Blake

    I always did like Asian women and now I like them even more!! LOL!!

  248. large

    shut up

  249. Bob

    Kentucky Fried Chicken sponsored the video

  250. !@#$%^&*()

    You are quite the stupid, perverted racist.

  251. Joebobjones

    So, this is a video about a pack of women, right?

  252. Joan

    I’m sorry ..but hens do wear pearls … they are just usually more careful who sees them.

  253. Lighspeed Snail

    Love me some breastesses.

  254. StanleyTQ

    Dude, it totally reminded me of that video when I heard this the first time!

  255. CrazedLeper

    That’s a hair trigger you got there. What does racism or “perversion” have to do with selective breeding? Maybe you’re just an idiot. You really need to leave that Fox “news” alone.

  256. JiggyWithIt

    first behngazi and now this.. #thanksobama

  257. VaZ

    China’s version of Lady Gaga…has failed

  258. Kerri

    China’s Lady Gaga?

  259. Molly Mackey

    ‘Broke the internet’ is such a stupid, and now overused, phrase. I wish people would stop using it. You can’t ‘break the internet’. Crash a website, hijack a portion or all of social media, interject your excessively large and shiny ass into everyone’s conversation…that’s all possible, but breaking the internet isn’t.

    Next! New ‘catchy’ phrase, please!

  260. shooter2009

    I’m surprised the Chinese even allowed this.

  261. Ben

    Gucci gucci gucci go go day.

  262. Tydeus


  263. !@#$%^&*()

    There’s no “maybe” about you. You’re DEFINITELY an idiot. Otherwise, you’d know that racial stereotypes have EVERYTHING to do with racism. You really need to leave that MSNBC “news” alone.

  264. thedraper

    is this like some kind of spin on old McDonald had a farm

  265. Psw

    It makes me think about life of human being.

  266. Agnieszka McMillan

    Baha… I’m more inclined to share the comments on this video than the actual video.

  267. Obz3rv3r

    I would rather the mentally ill make “music” then shoot the place up.

  268. Garebear

    It’s trying too hard. It’s like what does the fox say mixed with Gangnam style, girls generation and of course princess Kyari Pamyu. Fail China.

  269. Roy Trenneman

    Have you tried typing google into google?

  270. billoffreedom

    To many whore-mones in the chicken!

  271. Anne

    I love the intensity of the piece! It is a profound reflection of modern society and its ills, vital life lessons encapsulated in a few minutes of enlightenment. Smh.

  272. G031

    Dafuq did I just watch?

  273. Chaz

    Enough with the dicks, already! Chickens eat with their peckers. SO WHAT!

  274. Greg HT

    As long as I don’t have to get f*cked by any tiny dicks

  275. Matt R

    Ashamed, but it was fap worthy. Its harder and harder to find something freaky enough to work anymore.

  276. Patrick Joseph Bednark

    Its all that industrial waste and radiation, it has fucked with their heads.

  277. Naru Sekiya

    idk wat i just watch im scared now T^T

  278. jem

    …….that wha…i give up……

  279. PooPooPalace

    Why are asians so fucking weird!? Nothing but insanity comes out of that region of the world…

  280. ReallyChris


  281. greetbigball

    Ironically, this song is giving me goose bumps.
    Even in places I never thought it’s possible to have goose bumps.

  282. Guest

    Wow.. your incredibly insightful!

  283. RightOverWrong

    To all who are leaving negative comments ether to this video or to each other. I hope you all eat a lot of chocolate and get a stomach ache. If you’re going to be nagative, do it right. Ya, take that swine!

  284. torr10

    That shouldn’t be hard. I know lots of people that love chicken’s bodies…breasts, wings, thighs, ect…

  285. torr10

    Where is the disclaimer? There should be a disclaimer…”NO CHICKENS WERE CHOKED DURING THE MAKING OF THIS VIDEO.”

  286. DefMayb

    The end of communism…

  287. Bobby S

    Since China doesn’t want anything political in music videos, you get chicken woman.

  288. Cindy

    She looks like a chinese version of Snooki!!

  289. Sylvain Houde

    These chicks are nuts.

  290. pouetteman

    As chick also mean a prostitute in chines, and as it look like Nicki Minaj clip and “what does the fox say”, I think China is mocking wester country… and they right, aren’t they ?

  291. marx

    Culture mutation. New world disorder

  292. Kary

    Oh My God !!! How Incredibly Stupid !!!

  293. Spenk

    It’s still a billion times better than anything one direction have done

  294. dimman

    id kill all chinese people, they degrade entire human race. their average iq is like 4, no art at all, everything you touch in china is a copy, a bad one, trust me world, just destroy china.

  295. Zachary Aaron Spears

    no crazier than lady gaga

  296. Mark C Baxter

    what 50 odd years of communism does to you…

  297. Duane Savage

    Actually, the idea that one race is somehow superior to another, is the official definition of racism…ala Websters.

  298. Duane Savage

    Whoa..back the truck up a half a block, Grammar Nazi.

    (1)You’re calling “douche man” a douche

    (2) You’re berating him for his spelling, while ignoring your own inability to construct a proper sentence.

    (3) I have no car and must tie my dick in knot to keep it from dragging behind me like a tail.

  299. Carlos Rivas

    Sólo quiero ser el #300! for Sparta 1 jajaja

  300. CrazedLeper

    Here’s why you are the idiot and not me. “African” is not a stereotype, it is a nationally. Second, I pegged you as a Fox News drone. Third, I’m too informed to watch ANY mainstream media. Class dismissed.

  301. Christine Hamm

    This reminds me of the disturbing cafe in the movie Cloud Atlas, where the identical (childlike and cute) waitresses are, uh… recycled.

  302. Momochiime

    t-ara bo beep?

  303. Mike Bozart

    uber-epic, dudes.

  304. JD

    Actually, African is not a nationality. Africa is a continent comprised of many, many nations and nationalities that cover the entire spectrum of skin colors that idiots in this country mistake for racial distinctions.

  305. Just saying

    Dude, Arfica is not a nationality, it can be a category and therefore also a stereotype. Logic is in the word…Africia is not a nation: neither in terms of state, neither in terms of ethnic community. Because of both variables, there a too many: states are about 54 and ethnic cmmunities over hundreds…. Guess you are from the states… They often think Europe is a country as well… (ow there is another stereotype :)

  306. !@#$%^&*()

    Here’s why YOU are the idiot, not me:
    Firstly, “African” is NOT a nationality, you moron. Secondly, I do not watch Fox News. By all means, though, please keep grasping at straws. Thirdly, if you were, in fact, “informed”, you’d KNOW that African is NOT a nationality. YOU are dismissed, clown.

  307. Li

    How long have you been retarded?

  308. CrazedLeper

    AFRICA is a continent. AFRICAN is a person who is born of a nation on that continent. In any case, it’s hardly “racist” to imply that people are from there. I suppose there’s no point sending you to do research on selective breeding. Your overlords have made a fool of you so shut your stupid mouth before you dig your dumb self in any deeper.

  309. ChemicalHrothgar

    Need more cowbell. More cowbell.


    Not chow mein or even chow secondary or tertiary!

  311. RDub

    Poultry in motion. FTFY.

  312. Craig Freeman

    You must be fun at parties.

  313. zizi


  314. Toby

    China is still developing as a nation

  315. marylovevc

    i guess u have no sense of humor then……..this song’s main purpose is to make you think its funny………Normal chinese music videos wont be like this….

  316. Tracy Campbell

    Oooookaaaay….so I think there’s finally something out there more annoying and that makes less sense than What Did the Fox Say…

    …which is now in your head. You’re welcome.

  317. Tracy Campbell

    I like how most of your Disqus posts have something to do with race. Is there uh…something that Internetland should know about you?

  318. Tracy Campbell

    …you’re arguing on the Internet with a stranger about why they’re an idiot and you’re not. I think my statement speaks for itself.

  319. EL

    what only chinese can do is copy from someoe and trying to make money.. poor things there is no tralented..

  320. board

    Psi is looking good. I’m glad to see gangham style isn’t a one hit wonder.

  321. Alexander Ryan Baggett

    Pop music has a tendency to be taken out of cultural context quite frequently. I know there are some of lady gaga’s music video outfits that are like wtf. That being said, this is still the most wtf of the year. But the fart version of my anaconda don’t is pretty high up there.



  323. Jenny Sow Li Ting

    omg wtf this is the worst song and the singer who song it is ugly.who the fuck is writing this horrible song anyway?! just terrible n horrible video n lyrics !

  324. CrazedLeper

    *I* am arguing on the internet with a stranger and you are not? Seriously, they’ve made a fool of you.


    when Lady Gaga does these kinda retarded crap you dumbshit racists go bonkers but when a Chinese pop star makes similar video you all shit got something to complain about!

  326. Van Ghost

    How is this any different than what Lady Gaga or Katy Perry are doing? Besides the animated chickens. I’d be lying if I said those didn’t make my day.

  327. Rivkah Yochana

    I am quitting the interwebs….omg

  328. Frank Sinatra

    Is this for fucking real?

  329. Frank Sinatra

    I just can’t believe this is for real ? No bloody way … c’mon, who the hell would give any effort for this ??! Shiiiiiit …. LOL !

  330. Zaphod Smith

    Looks just like typical MTv in the late 80’s early 90’s to me..

  331. Bob Werner

    Music / Video Review from ‘The Standard’ ( Hong Kong )
    “王 蓉 Rollin’s – 小雞小雞 live / animated Tour de Force Farmyard Musical Video delivers exactly as its title suggests, ‘Chick, Chick’, serving up ‘what the Fox said, & MORE, and leaving like no ‘squawkin’ egg untouched’.

    “Visually more alluring this year than when the video first went viral in 2009, infused with Psy ‘Kang Nam’ – style choreography, by being inclusive of other barnyard critters, lends to it’s becoming, as James Mudge of Asian Movie Reviews suggests, “every farmer’s 旅行癖 , or ‘Fernweh’ ( German for ‘wanderlust’ ) “. ‘Fabulous’ to have included elements of New York fashion designer, Vera Wang’s Spring-Summer 2014 runway shows.

    “The inclusion of the cute, but drunk, little ‘roostah’ at the end of the video is, however, considered to be a not-so-obscure ‘slap to the beak’ of Communist China’s Premier, Li Ke qiang, who is a known alcoholic.

    “On the downhill side, however, introduction of the bothersome Band-aids ( at 3:05 point ) leaves the viewer ‘flat’, but that is surely mollified by lead dancer / singer, Shi Sho Haht, who’s breasts have so obviously been augmented since last go-round. And….We Approve !

    “The Blue, Yellow, Red wigs ? ( 0:47 ) A most subtle reference to the Romanian flag ? Rollin’s got us all wondering if he indeed knows something ‘coming round the mountain’ that we yet don’t know ? As for adding the colourful sing-a-long lyrics : A definite PLUS !

    “The Standard enthusiastically gives the new version of this fun ditty :
    Five Cocks Squawking !” – ‘ A MUST BUY ! ‘ ”

    Phillip Tan, Hong Kong

    “Oh, my ! I absolutely love them ALL, and I ONLY hope that they will make another music film. Oh, Please ! Please do ! ” – L’AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE

  332. Lucas Wingrove

    guchi guchi guchi COCK DAY!!!

  333. huh?

    um…whats with the homo-erogenous undertones in the comments/keyboard fights here? …all the dick talk seems to be a deep hidden love for all things phallic ..

  334. Magnum kcid

    Magnum for you!

  335. min

    what’s the hell @@

  336. Skyon_Flux

    I’m confused and aroused.

  337. kenneth holm

    I find the cat race superior to the mice race.

  338. justpassinby

    I think its a lame attempt to copy or even surpass the “what does the fox say” video… this is a stupid music video and i pity this artist

  339. Rudi Engelbrecht

    but what did the fox say….?

  340. Karen Blanch

    Whoever posted this clearly isn’t familiar with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu if they’re that surprised xD

  341. ChickenPoop

    You are so stupid. It is obviously an allegory for man inhumanity to animals.

  342. Duane Savage

    Except that those are different species, not different races.

  343. Nathan

    So what’s Chinese for cluck, cluck, squawk, squawk?

  344. Horace

    All the chicks in my life get a pearl knecklace

  345. Eujiboo

    If anyone else wants to know .
    The first few lines are :
    Mu Ji – Hen
    Xiao Ji – Chick
    Gong Ji – Rooster

    Also sounds are sounds , every language has their own version . If you understood the sounds then it makes sense no ? They’re just using legit Chinese characters to sound them out .

  346. joecrouse

    hey.. Kyary pamyu pamyu is AWESOME!

  347. whotookmyalias

    I think I ate the same mushrooms once

  348. Right

    African is not a nationality idiot. It’s a racial group. A Tanzanian is a member of a national grouping. And Fox rules.

  349. Greg Oropeza

    Africa is not a nation, it is a continent.
    Be careful who you call an idiot.

  350. Shane


  351. Anh Do

    It’s so painful to listen these kinds of music. I feel bad for my eyes & ears :'(

  352. kenneth holm

    there are only one human race too, so if you dont get the meaning of what i wrote, dont bother comment

  353. kidblast0_1

    See below…

  354. Duane Savage

    There are three biological races within the human race. What racism is, is the belief that one of those races is somehow superior to another. If you don’t make yourself clear when you attempt to communicate, don’t blame anyone else for not understanding what rolled around your addled mind.

  355. If_you_ask_me

    Didn’t you mean The Rat Race?

  356. eraseist

    Only a pussy would say that. humor

  357. John Kenward

    This is fugging insane.. I love it

  358. Nathan

    Cool. I know Chinese now.

  359. Wallythedog

    That’s the most mentally ill video ever! I love it and I want to live in that Universe.

  360. kenneth holm

    im sure you are new to trolling, you seems to be. or you have to open your eyes a little more.

  361. Andrea Adum

    Lmao!!!!! Yes, that was it, the pearls. Funny!

  362. Cristiano Porqueddu


  363. Divinity

    I love how the conversation should be and was probably started due to the retarded “chick chick” music video by some odd Chinese music artist, which if anyone paid any attention to China’s culture they would know that Chinese people have adopted some odd choices due to probably the lifestyle they are forced to live in. Instead of discussing the music video people are fighting over who is an idiot and who has a small **** and other things that have nothing to do with the original music video!

  364. Duane Savage

    A troll is someone who posts an outrageous comment in a thread just to illicit a response. I, on the other hand, tried to make you a little smarter.

    Looks like I failed.

  365. kenneth holm

    so, you, whitout knowing me, think you are smarter than me? well, that means that you think you are superior to me. and im sure we are diffrent race to, so that makes you an rasist. or you are so “smart” that you dont understand a joke.

  366. Duane Savage

    I thought it was rather apparent .. sorry Mr. Subgenius

  367. chiken fur

    oh you people just zip it. look at the tits, shes got some nice tits

  368. Kate

  369. Kate


  370. Nancy Khawatmi

    My new jam

  371. Lee

    if you think this for one second that this video means asians are weird what country made the turn down for what video again? have. you. see. the. fucking. bubble butt video. or riptide. OR THE FUCKING TURN DOWN FOR WHAT VIDEO. don’t get me started and all of you guys arguing about racial groups and nationalities let it go let stupid people be stupid people.

  372. Ashra Amsterdam


  373. drugs

    this just in americans and chinese have different pop culture tastes
    film at 11

  374. neu


  375. Sunny

    Actually, “African” isn’t a nationality either. Africa is a continent, not a nation.

  376. Jetlag

    So really? Africa is a country huh…?

  377. Peter Bradley

    Only big dicks for you, huh?

  378. Peter Bradley

    Way to perpetuate the stereotype, CL. God had to compensate them in some way, right?

  379. RDub

    But, did you know that pigeons can produce milk? True. OK… as you were.

  380. spambrando

    Stupidest fu*king thing I’ve seen in a long time.

  381. N8ts

    ok so I’m supposed to be black? Africa is a continent? It’s like asking “If you’re from Africa why are you white?” Seriously haven’t you watched mean girls enough?

  382. Joe Mama

    I found this really hard to masturbate to

  383. Tavaris Young

    Man you read my mind on that one!! The whole time I was watching all I could think of was What Does the Fox Say…LMMFAO!

  384. mother

    If you are 12 you should get off the internet and go and practise your spelling. Right now!

  385. dusted.roses

    Um okay this is insane and has officially set my internet limit. I think I’m going to go lay down for awhile.

  386. keyofnight

    I’m not sure where I’m supposed to react “WTF.” This video is a bunch of Chinese pop singers/dancers making animal noises and wearing animal costumes. What was the weird part? Goofy? Sure. Fun? Yeah! But weird? Nah.

    I honestly you folks think videos out of anywhere but the US are just weird because they’re unfamiliar. Sounds like #colonialism to me.

  387. P

    hum….and the terget audience is sup to be?…Kindergarden?…absolutely retarded ppl?

  388. pickles

    Can we please just have a serious discusion about this video?

  389. BarryEisenberg

    This is totally rad, beats anything I’ve ever seen on American tv. I live in a Chinese neighborhood in San Francisco and I don’t think I’ll ever walk down the street and look at my neighbors the same way again.

  390. nerdyredneck

    LOVE IT! Cracks me up! Now you have to watch it twice because the first time you are just so busy trying to grasp some frame of reference, to catch some tenuous connection to reality that you fail to just ‘be’ with it! The second time you watch, just use the force, relax and let it flow through you. Then you will laugh!

  391. tess

    Yay! It’s so happy! Well it’s better than Nicki Minaj…

  392. Brooklynn Rayne

    wow, i officially lost I.Q. points for reading this comment strand… the video was a bit goofy, but the comments just made my head hurt… faith in humanity = 0, im going to go have an aneurism now…

  393. TBird73

    I just came back from China..I’ll just say that white lightning and authentic hot pot will do this to you. Well that and the rank substince that passes for breathable air.

  394. Mark Whelan

    Yea, Europe or as you call it the European Union, that has a common currency, no enforced borders, a common governing body….tell me again how europe isn’t a country anymore….MUAHAHA!!!!

  395. TomtheVegan

    What’s with all the round eyes? Plastic surgery?

  396. Mars Jackson

    This will now forever be in my internet history…..

  397. Esse

    Did they release some singing KFC chicken ?

  398. notrealtardied

    But what about the cawkus race???

  399. hair pie

    do they give you hair pies in return?

  400. hair pie


  401. ravennagirl

    You know what? It made me smile- so technically I guess my day is improved???

  402. TEEJAYZ

    Mind blower. When you consider where China was 20 or 30 years ago and where they are now it’s a TOTALLY different country. It used to be as secretive and backwards as North Korea. And now they’re leading the way in sustainable energy and, it seems, completely whacked out music videos.

  403. Sal Palladino

    So big dicks are ok?

  404. Michael Kirchmann

    Sorry, Duane, you are wrong on this one. There are not three “biological” races within the human race. That is a long-held fallacy many use to divide people by the color of their skin. There is no more biological difference between people of different skin color than between, say, a poodle and a pug.

  405. Duane Savage

    Not my definition…it’s the scientific one. If it’s a fallacy, it’s one that has been taught by schools and universities for centuries.

  406. Progist7001

    That’s a funny joke, a better one is in your hand.

  407. Brian

    Gucci gucci gucci gucciGucci gucci gucci gucciGucci gucci gucci gucci suck a di

  408. raymond1112

    ………but we don’t want to remove brains from the gene pool

  409. CrazedLeper

    But you’re so stupid! You think you’re smart but someone is making a fool of you–and you have small penises. You’ll be better off without brains that you use as badly as you do. In fact, the whole planet would be better off without your “brains.”

  410. Nisqually

    Oh yuck – she looks like Snooki. A funny farm indeed.

  411. Marsh Postil

    The main girl is cute, and sometimes her face looks like Rita Moreno in, “West Side Story.” (This video is faintly reminiscent of, “What Does the Fox Say.”)

  412. Khadijah

    Damn boy, you’re 50 shades of GAY!!

  413. Patrick Buick

    I think the part at the end with the chicken finishing the beverage and burping was the best part!

  414. Kennin

    It’s Japanese, not chinese.

  415. Jorian

    t-ara girls are hotter :p but true, the beat is similar

  416. Rafał Weis

    Podrobili chicken techno no legal !!

  417. Surprize Surprize

    Lady Gaga – Your secret is exposed

  418. 2015Vote

    Looks Japanese to me …

  419. Filip Vincůrek

    This – is – amazing :D Really great video, original, funny, i like it :D It make me laugh, and that is not a bad thing ;)

  420. kluu

    I have heard of Pigeon milk but I hadn’t thougth of that.

  421. Anthony John Hogarth


  422. Mike Gesing

    Google “PonPonPon” I dare you.

  423. John Thereseller

    I am a caucasian American and am well above average so no need to introduce anything inferior to my gene pool.

    There is truth and racism in this statement, can you figure it out?

  424. John Thereseller

    Did you know that it is a proven fact that men with a penis that is 5.5 to 6.5 inches in erect length make better lovers than a man with a 7.5 to 8.5in penis? There are a bunch of men that are better lovers than me based on these facts but I have never had any complaints. Always remember the woman cums first and you will always please your lover even if you have a small penis CL.

  425. John Thereseller

    I don,t have 2 Corvettes but looking down at my ruler I see better than 7.5 inches :)

  426. John Thereseller

    Is it recorded?

  427. CrazedLeper

    White guys love throwing around phrases like “proven fact,” but I seriously doubt it in this case. Penis size is a preference and everything is preffered by someone. That said, I’m not talking about a 5.5 to 6.5 inch penis. I’m talking about a 0.5″ penis. A penis so small that it will not serve the purpose of reproduction. It’s called a “micropenis” and that is the real reason for white privilege. You are being bred out of reproduction and flattered all the way. Not smart at all.

  428. Juan

    You are a racist nutjob.

  429. CrazedLeper

    So you know nothing about genetics. Got it. Listen, you’re a sheep so, when you smell mint jelly, RUN!

  430. John Thereseller

    Micropenis is very rare and not prevalent in the caucasian set. I have 4 boys and all are just fine. I have added to the populace that will bread without a problem being that they follow my genetics.

  431. CrazedLeper

    The micropenis is not prevalent yet. Think big. Planet earth belongs to whomever claims it first. World domination is a long term project. The current scheme is at least as old as colonial times and endeavors to steall the whole future of the planet and everyone on it. Controlling breedng of the servant class is absolutely essential to the goal and it can be achieved through selective breeding. Do you know how seedless grapes or seedless watermelons are produced? Same process only with people, you can get them to do it to themselves–through racism.

  432. Juan

    Neither do you, you racist nutjob.

  433. Juan

    Is there a sale on tin foil hats at Wal-Mart? LMAO

  434. CrazedLeper

    You’re exactly the kind of idiot that it takes to make America the international bully that it is. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

  435. Juan

    Awww, you poor baby. Did I hurt your feelings, you stupid little pinky-dicked racist nutjob? ROFLMAO

  436. Onieka

    You’re exactly the kind of idiot it takes to be a laughingstock.

  437. Igor

    Go suck on Vladimir V. Putin’s man boobs, you gay anti-American racist nincompoop.

  438. ┈ʟᴀɪɴ┈


  439. John Thereseller

    If selective breeding was started on my bloodline then we must have had a very very large penis to start because as averages go I am well above those numbers and as you have stated that is partial heredity. Also the average depth of a woman’s vagina is 5.5 to 6 inches. This is a necessary biological function to allow a baby to breath as soon as possible after leaving the birth canal. Now as to function, a man with no penis that has a working prostate and testicles can still father children. The penis is not actually necessary for impregnation to occur. I would highly suggest that you attend some basic human biology classes so you can get your facts straight. A man who cares for the needs of his lover is going to be the one chosen regardless of penis size.

  440. bitrat

    I want a translation!

  441. Gert

    Duane Savage is correct. There are three primary hominids represented in the human race and most of us have a mixture of at least 2 and usually all three at this point. They are Neanderthals, Denisovans and archaic humans. They combined and evolved into modern humans but each of us is some combo of those ancient ancestors.

  442. Gert

    see my above comment and don’t pretend you know what’s going on in the scientific community of you don’t take the time to READ current papers on the subject you discuss.

  443. Faechyld

    I’m wondering how you all went so far off topic.

  444. ERV1

    Good one Tracy.

  445. ERV1

    Yes, and, from mapping the human genome, we now know that we ALL came from Africa….the continent….not a country, but several countries…but that is true only in recent times…..and Africa is comprised of many mixed “races” or different levels of pigment in their skin. Including light skinned people mixed in inter-racial marriages with Europeans…such as South Africa has a lot of “white” Germans. Actually no one is “White”. That is a racist classification in itself, and I would prefer it to be removed from all “official forms” and instead (maybe) “light pigmentation” or “some pigmentation” or just “Human” and fuck off on what color a person’s skin is. Drop the whole race card bullshit. We all are Humans. Period. Ask what country a person’s family is from….maybe….why does an employer need to know that unless they want to discriminate? Why does America bother with monitoring how many people from what race have jobs…except to reflect how racist we are in America as a society.

  446. ERV1

    It is amazing how many people commented on this dumb half ass produced video…and how it even got into racist comments. Remarkable. .

  447. maydemia

    I got to watch that insane video and then read the Jerry Springer comment section. BONUS!

  448. guillotine4NWO

    New Clinton sex video?

  449. RageQuitFails

    clearly none of you have experienced PONPONPON the greatest musical masterpiece of the one and only Japan c: