This is a music video depicting yet another Photoshop transformation (previously: this and this). It features the song Nouveau Parfum by singer Boggie who we see undergo a makeover by Photoshoppery. They change… pretty much everything. There’s altering of her hair, skin tone, and eyeballs, removing of bra straps, whitening of teeth, and even the taking away of her freckles. WTF is wrong with a little frecklage? I’ll tell you what: NOTHING. Sure, shave down her neck to unreal proportions, adjust her eye color so it’s more in line with society’s ideal of beauty, digitally curl her hair because why the F not, but don’t take away her damn freckles! Freckles is what makes us human.



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Via: designboom


  1. Lily

    the point of this was commenting on the industry… not promoting photoshopping, but ending the ridiculousness of it

  2. Michael Comerford

    Great clip – but not actually Photoshop!
    It’s a great shame that the thoughtless and indiscriminate use of an absolutely brilliant editing tool which is used to honest effect in so many arenas other than fashion editing has become such a maligned word to describe the results of poor implementation. Wish we could find a different word!

  3. Lily

    I am a photographer… I use photoshop all the time for general editing, and love it for its uses. We use frisbee for flying disks and kleenex for tissues often, it happens.

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