The United States Postal Service, best known for overcharging me in exchange for smashing the shit out of my packages, is now selling a limited edition collection of Harry Potter themed stamps. So far they’re only selling 5 out of the entire set of 20. These feature Harry, Hermione, Dumbledore, Hedwig, and Voldemort. Cool! But I think the real question here is, who even buys stamps anymore? It’s not like people really use snail mail. Which is too bad. I like getting stuff in my mailbox! Wait, I take that back: I like receiving COOL stuff in my mailbox. Not the stacks of sales papers and bills that are usually jammed in there. Although one time there was a half eaten hotdog. That was weird! And tasty. I mean, at the time. Coming back up it was not so good. I guess I should’ve factored in how long it was in there and why. When it comes to random half eaten hotdogs in your mail box, you should always start by asking yourself why.



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  1. sheri

    I see the article isn’t signed; I don’t believe enough crushed packages ever arrived in one place to complain about. These are very cool stamps and I will buy many; I just used over 40 Star Wars stamps this month alone on outgoing mail.

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