In 2013 Royal Carribean cruiseline is offering a Barbie Dream Cruise. The package comes with a pink room complete with your very own Barbie. Other perks include events like Barbie Movie Night, Barbie Story Time, Tiaras & Teacups party, Mermaid Dance Class, Fashion Desiger Workshop, Fashion Show, and life long memories. Well shit, sign me up! You had me at “Mermaid Dance Class.” Just kidding, you had me at “cruise.” Annnnnd then you lost me at “for girls ages four through eleven.” That… really just took the wind out of my sails (cruise joke?). Barbie is a grown-ass woman, how about having some girls her own age get in on the party? You don’t think some of us ladies in the 11+ age range maybe wanna participate in a pretty pink princess Barbie cruise?! And don’t even try to say “Grow the f*** up” because I’ve heard that one before and I REFUSE. So… sign my petition?

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