Wobbly tables are the worst. You and your dining partners are pretending to enjoy a nice meal, but you’re really vying for even ground. You also sit there worrying that your drink might end up in your lap. Well fear no more, because Wonkey is here. The handy silicone rubber key ring will ensure that your dinner stays put. Simply unhook the cute, colored piece from your keys and wedge WonKey under any wobbly table (or chair) to keep it stable.


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Via: Red Ferret


  1. raytracer

    Or you could, you know, use a folded up coaster or napkin and not worry about walking away and leaving $8 behind.

  2. SighRN

    ..or you could just move to another table that is not WONKY..wth?

  3. Henri ShihTzu

    More stupidity to spend money on

  4. Emily

    How often do you have this problem?

  5. Sequoia

    @disqus_o5mfKOPBAZ:disqus: Silly, keep your car keys attached to it so you can’t leave without it.