You already know what your state is the worst at, but do you know what your country is the best at? Clearly I’m not the best at NOT ending sentences with prepositions, and to make things worse my country is apparently the best at getting killed by lawnmowers. Ouch. Check out this map by Doghouse Diaries to learn what each country leads the world in, whether it’s something awesome like robots and being tall, or something embarrassing like bad driving or generosity. (Really Luxembourg? Why you gotta be such a suck up?) Of course not everything on the list is positive… check out the map to see who’s the best at using cocaine or starting fascist movements.

Click here for the large version (that you can actually read).

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  1. Jo

    Um, the United States is good at outsourcing their jobs and their manufacturing to China and India and Vietnam to name a few and well as electing a complete jackass for a President who cant do one thing right, not even his trademark healthcare reform website.

  2. Nancy L

    Here’s a doozy–Burma leads the world at.. speaking Burmese.

  3. shadowcub

    Also good at producing people who are religious nutjobs and who hate that the president is black and come up with all types of excuses because they can’t call him what they want to.

    Also full of Lefties who send all your jobs overseas, so that they can buy another Mercedes all the while paying their employees minimum wages and complaining that their slaves aren’t working hard enough.