If you’re gonna do something, you might as well do it right. And if you’re going to do something in NYC, you better do it fast and get the hell outta the way. You can’t dawdle or waste time on courtesies like saying thank you or holding subway car doors open for people. And you’re holding up sidewalk traffic while walking with your baby in a stroller you better realize that just because you have a baby that doesn’t mean you own the f***ing road! Ouch. New Yorkers really are the rudest people in the world. Business people, mothers, children, cops, hobos— no matter what their social status or situation, New Yorkers never cease to amaze tourists when it comes to being nasty. Yet somehow Travel and Leisure Magazine named them 2nd after those passive aggressive pansies in LA as the rudest city in America. New Yorkers won’t stand for that bull and they’ve decided to re-claim the title. And luckily you don’t have to actually go to NYC to experience the rudeness first hand because there’s a website dedicated to sharing the worst “Only in New York” stories. Depending on your experience Re-Establish NYC as the Rudest City in America will either make you happy that you’ve never been there, remind you why you’ve only been a few times, or instill a sadistic sense of pride as a rude New Yorker.

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