This is Vino2Go, a sippy cup for wine. The revolutionary (jk jk) product is sold by The Product Farm for just $16 a pop. The inside is even shaped just like a wine glass! Vino2Go: The classy way to get sloshed without making a mess. Because nothing says classy like a sippy cup. Needless to say I’m sold — I just bought ten! Annnnnnnd my card was declined. Surpriiiise, surprise. Well, that was a bust. Guess I’m back to guzzling boxed wine straight from the spout. The second classiest way to get sloshed without making a mess, you might call it.

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  1. Kevin Stover

    These things are great. I bought a couple to send to women as gifts and they love them. Why hasn’t someone thought of this before? Quality sturdy product, even though it seems like a bit of a novelty.

  2. Ben

    This is fantastic, I just stumbled upon this and cant wait until these are in stores.

  3. Beverly Suddard

    You missed a HUGE opportunity. I use acrylic cups outside – where it’s warm! I like my wine chilled. These cups should have been made with the capability of putting ice chips between the layers of plastic to keep the wine cool!
    Also, too bad this has to be produced in China!

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