Hey guys, you wanna go shopping at H&N with me and then grab some SFFCCCKS coffee? It’s across from the Appla store. Your brain might have corrected those brands to read “H&M” “Starbucks” and “Apple” but if you were walking down the street in Wuxi city in China, you’d be wrong. That’s actually how all of the signs read. It kind of feels like a lame parallel universe. Oddly enough these aren’t companies just ripping off their competition—they’re fake street signs on empty shops meant to give potential buyers a sense of what the area could look like. Unfortunately the idea kind of backfired and the street has become a big joke on the internet in China.




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  1. squatty

    fuck this shitty mentality of the chinese… no originalty or individualism.

  2. squatty

    also they will exploit anyone, anything, or any resource…. no ethics…. fuck!!!

  3. drunkbear

    great job generalizing an entire country’s people!

  4. travellerlic

    You r being pretty racist here, generalizing and stereotyping millions of people with zero regard/knowledge to historyand culture. What if someone say that about your entire race or country?

  5. FKsbwithouthumor

    I don’t know why but I really think that this street is set for fun/ads/other use for entertainment, because you can see, esp the last pic, those bunch of shops are totally empty and ALL of them are Fake logo… I mean, seriously, ALL! I think it’s for entertainment…not for REAL… BTW, for some people who are saying this is something wrong with Chinese’ mentality, whoops, you are just proving that you lack of education…

  6. squatty

    go ahead and eat some street food made with gutter oil, or kill elephants for ivory, bully the pacific islands for their resources, eat tiger penis, and have your freedoms limited, fuckface.