If there’s one thing a hotel should have, it’s a theme. Also, complimentary hot breakfast. None of that contenintal business. Ooh, and it needs a pool. Preferably heated. Hopefully this Panda Themed Hotel has all three. It’s apparently the world’s first of its kind. Admittedly that’s not particularly hard to believe. The cuddliest hotel in history is opening in Sichuan, China sometime in May 2013. Great! Soooo if they don’t have the breakfast or pool sitch covered, they got some time to make it happen. Don’t disappoint me!






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Via: designtaxi.com


  1. Joel

    I don’t know if this is amazing or creepy. Can you imagine being the guy to try to sell this idea to investors? I would have wanted to be in THAT investor meeting.

  2. Zoe Alexander

    This is definitely different but not too extreme in design! Novel idea!
    Zoe xxx

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