Normally the last place you ever want to spend the night is a cell with a toilet in the corner, yet travelers are paying around $80 a night for the experience at Alcatraz Hotel. Granted, it doesn’t sound all that bad when you throw in a flat screen TV and remove the large hairy roommate named Scab. Located in Kaiserslautern, Germany, Alcatraz Hotel used to serve as an authentic German prison before it was converted into a 56-room hotel. The cells, while significantly more comfortable than real prison accommodations, make guests feel like they’re on lockdown, with bars on the windows and a “pie hole” in the door, through which food is served. Most rooms really do include a toilet and sink in the corner, although anyone who doesn’t need to pee in the corner to get the most of their prison experience can rent a “prison suite” with a private bathroom. The best part? Guests complete their transformation into inmates with a pair of striped pajamas. Of course guests are free to leave at any time and are welcome to check out the hotel’s bar, Hinter Gittern, which is German for “Behind Bars.”

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