This is the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock sold by Lawson. But it’s not just a hammock, oh no! It can also be used as a ground tent. For one. Sounds… depressing. Nothing sadder than getting wild in the wild by your damn self. The thing only weighs 4-pounds, is made of nylon and aluminum and includes bug netting and a detachable rainfly. The reviews for the Campin Hammock are pretty solid, noting that it really is equipped to brave the elements. But I’m just going to go out on a limb and assume this does NOT protect against bears, so if Yogi and Boo-Boo come along looking for eats, you’re more or less f***ed. And, in this case, I’m gonna go with more. Those two will do anything for a pick-a-nick basket. I’m talking, like, tear you limb from limb and crash your car into a tree. They’re ruthless!



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  1. NateHale

    I bought one. I’m 6’5″. As a Hammock it’s fine. plenty of room. On the ground as a tent, it’s way too small. My head and feet touch the ends (and not just a little)

  2. Green Global Travel

    Looks very relaxing. Good for probably one person. It would be a tight squeeze to fit two in there as a tent.

  3. Oriana cottard

    I was wondering about what if you don´t find trees near enought to tight you hammarock? What are you doing then?
    Thank you for the ideas

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