Why? Because it’s fancy French dirt. A French restaurant called Ne Quittez Pas in Tokyo, Japan serves a full course meal that incorporates dirt into every dish. (Talk about the worst Iron Chef challenge ever!) Of course the meal isn’t made using just any old dirt—it’s made with high quality soil that’s been tested for safety and purify… so you know, there’s no worms or poop in it. Rocket News 24 has all the dirty details about the meal if you’re interested in reading about exactly what dirt risotto or dirt soup tastes like. Of course if you know any 5-year-olds you can skip the article because you already know an expert in dirt and mud based cuisine.

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  1. Weiss

    Someone has been reading too much Terry Pratchett… Hogfather, anyone?

  2. Muffy Van Der Fella

    I am very interested in what, precisely, the dishes are, suddenly. I can’t recreate a mud soup with no information, my dears.

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