Mustaches. They’re the pubic hair of the face. Which is why they’re back in style, especially for dirty hipsters. But what if you can’t grow a ‘stache? You’re either a lady, a prepubescent 13 year old boy, or one of those poor unfortunate souls who just can’t manage to grow anything more than some peach fuzz and a few stray whiskers. That’s okay! Now you can get a mustache implant in Turkey. This video by Now This News shows a reporter getting the procedure done. What’s disturbing is, they don’t show the aftermath. The video ends with the dude getting hairs jammed in his upper lip. I’m concerned. What happened? Was his face horribly mutilated? Did he not survive the surgery? I need answers! And a brochure to this place. I’ve always dreamt of being a bearded lady. Bearded ladies are always the chicks who end up banging the Strong Man when the circus is on tour.

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Via: Lost at E Minor