Senegal is home to Lake Retba aka Lac Rose, which is naturally pink. Due to its high salt content, the water has the perfect living conditions for a certain kind of micro-algae called dunaliella salina. The presence of these organisms is what gives the lake its pink hue. That is wayyyy too much for my tiny peanut brain to handle. You know what I think it is? Mother Nature is showing off her feminine side! Ooh girl, you tryina get Father Time’s attention? I feel ya, but you gotta hit it and quit it because the man is not getting any younger.

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  1. Bronie

    And where do they keep there unicorns?

  2. jenna

    there? dude you can’t even spell. foh

  3. Leandra

    That’s super cool

  4. Susan Boland

    really incredible…as said mother nature has her hands in up to the elbows

  5. dawnmomofreed

    that is so cool i want o go swim in to say i did!!

  6. suzie bee

    I visited in 2009 it was memorable!

  7. Anthony O'Hara

    Just for once not down to pollution . Nice !

  8. maryamsheikh

    Pretty cool place 😉

  9. Whitney McBreezy

    This is so beautiful???????????????? I would love to visit here one day!!

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