The view at your tennis court directly relates to how rich you are. Public tennis courts are usually surrounded by concrete walls or nearby buildings. But if you can afford it, the courts at country clubs are surrounded by trees and overlook a lovely lake. And if you’re vacationing-in-Dubai rich, your tennis court has an ocean view from over 650 ft in the air. Guests staying at the Burj Al Arab hotel (you know, the big crazy floating hotel that you picture when you think of Dubai) can practice their serve from the world’s highest tennis court. Just make sure you bring some extra balls with you, since you’re not going to want to chase after the ones that go out of bounds. By the way, the alternate title for this post was “No One Should Be This Rich.”

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  1. pdub

    … pretty sure this was a temporary promotional setup for the Dubai Open…

  2. Tyrohne

    I thought this was the Helipad?

  3. Alex

    old enough photo, but is still exciting :)