According to a study, North Dakota is the happiest state. As in, when asked to do a life evaluation, North Dakotans ranked the highest. The saddest state? West Virginia. The results were found by the 2013 Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index. I dunno what to think about something called the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index. It sounds like something I made up when I was high, like Thundersen Vacational Facilities, the fake company I made up so I can impress people at parties. So far it hasn’t worked, but I’m gonna keep trying. And by trying I mean lurking in the corner, drinking heavily as I watch everyone interact happily and wonder what’s wrong with me. Why why WHY! Huh? No, I’m not from West Virginia, why do you ask?


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  1. Christie osborn

    That doesn’t even make sense bc North Dakota sucks. The people there don’t seem very happy either. I know a few people there and they are great but stereotypically people are rude. It’s horribly cold. There is nothing to do. The NW- central is ugly and reminds me of Armageddon. Whoever did this survey was high.

  2. Guest

    Bullshitttttttttttttt <———–Minnesota here

  3. Guest

    Bullshitttttttttt<————Minnesota here