With the recent religious scare that inspired so many awesome rapture bomb photos, and the whole 2012 thing, it’s obvious that the end of the world is on people’s minds. And while some folks have decided to stop wasting their time surfing the web (luckily not our heathen readers) and start praying, one Dutch man saw a much more practical use of his time to prepare for the end of days. Johan Huibers has spent the last few years building a giant ark, just like the one in the bible. The inspiration came after a dream he had that part of Holland had flooded. Whether or not God was speaking to him through his dreams is between Huibers and his therapist, but we do know that a real-life Noah’s Ark makes a great tourist attraction. Loaded up with replicas of all kinds of animals, Huibers hopes that the ark will become a museum meant to inspire people to read the bible.

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