Just when you think there is nothing more frustrating than figuring out to read a map and get your self “unlost” then you have to fold the darn thing up. That’s exactly the kind of task you want to take on after an hour of walking in circles, right? Here is the absolute easiest way to fold a travel map: scrunch it up into a ball and stuff it in your pocket. Which is why these Crumpled City Maps are so awesome. They’re printed on durable, flash-spun hi-density polyethylene fibrous material. It’s rip-resistant, waterproof, and thin enough that it crumples down into a ball that fits in your palm. Stuff it in your pocket, or use the included drawstring pouch, and you’re ready to get back on the road. Maps available for New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona and Tokyo.

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  1. dhilkon

    why would you ever buy these for 20 dollars. jesus.

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