Forrest Fenn is a super rich old dude who hates technology and thinks people should go outside. You can’t make me! To entice people to explore the great outdoors, he’s buried a chest filled with all kinds of booty. No, not butts. Treasure. Like gold coins, precious stones, and other stuff that’ll make a pirate salivate out of his grody-ass, scurvied mouth hole. The riches inside this chest are worth millions. To find the treasure you must decipher the 9 clues in a poem riddled with… riddles…  You can find the poem in Forrest’s autobiography, The Thrill of the Chase. No, this is not the plot to some scripted reality show. This is the real deal. Or maybe it’s not. Who knows? Maybe Forrest is leading you on a wild goosechase only to dig up the chest and find it’s full of old-timey nudie mags from his own private stash. I don’t know, old people are crazy!


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