How do you prove that you’re really a belieber? You could tweet to Justin Bieber all day, get his name tattooed to your butt, and find out where he lives and stalk him like a normal person. Or you could do something really creepy… like steal his face. (Not like literally though because I said creepy, not gory.) Toby Sheldon, a songwriter from LA, did just that. He spent roughly $100,000 over the last 5 years on plastic surgery, Aquamid injections, and hair transplants to look more like his idol. His most recent procedure called “smile surgery,” finally gave Sheldon what he calls Justin’s “youthful look.” Yep, youthful… like a plastic baby doll.


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Via: Boing Boing


  1. Layjin

    But… Where is the tits ?

  2. LR

    Ended up with creepy joker mouth and squinty eyes. Fail.

  3. Eeth Kee

    100 Grand to get that ugly face? Not bad. He could actually have got the real Justin Bieber face, which is uglier. Proud parents, tough.

  4. ME

    Um yeah…he needs to go back to the drawing board…like LR said….FAIL!!

  5. Drakan

    What the flying f**k! He went from cute to needing a burka!! Oi 100k what an utter waste of money, we have more poverty issues n this guy destroys his face!! Fail to the max!

  6. Dimithra Thory

    Esa platica se perdio

  7. Major Lee Gassole

    He looks more like a confused Val Kilmer. Way to go, Iceman!

  8. Gaby

    Poor thing! But it´s funny ahahahahaha

  9. rosebud

    Much more handsome before surgery..

  10. dandilion

    no, and he blew 60,000quid to become LESS good-looking?!
    woof! that blows my mind!

    if i had that kind of money to waste, i’d donate it autism research {or the like}

  11. Uncle Vlad

    The “Before” picture looks a bit like a young Dawson. “After” doesn’t look like any Justin Bieber I know. This dude should ask for a refund

  12. Tom W.

    Reminds me of the guy in Dawn of the Dead looking at an expensive hunting rifle in the gun store: “The only person who could miss with this gun is the sucker with the bread to buy it.”

  13. Daniel Ayala

    Fucking gross! Who in their right mind would want to look like that overrated, non-talented, hideous, gender-confused little shit Justin Faggot?!! I don’t know what kind of drugs he’s on but I want he’s been smoking/sniffing that possessed him to do this stupid shit. LMFAO!! Loser…..

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