If you had to pick one thing missing from The Walking Dead series, what would it be? If you said adult diapers provided to all viewers, I am with you 100%! That mess is way too scary for my sensitive bladder. If you said boobies and butts, I also agree 100%. That would’ve been my second choice. Fortunately the ladies over at Chicago’s Gorilla Tango Theatre have made your wildest dreams come true provided your wildest dreams consist of a Walking Dead themed burlesque show! It’s appropriately called Boobs of the Dead and features parodies of all your favorite characters scantily clad and doing sessy strip teases and stuff. Cool! The show plays through December 27, so if you are into The Walking Dead, sexy ladies, AND you live in or around Chicago, then GO GO GO! And then tell me all about it. I’d go see it myself, but boobies make me giggle and I feel like that could possibly ruin the experience for other audience members. I’m considerate like that! Considerate, and live about 2,000 miles away.



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