As a married geek (married to another, quite possibly geekier geek) I can tell you first hand that dating as a geek may be tough, but it’s not impossible. You don’t have to suppress your geeky nature and hope the other person falls in love with you before they discover your deep obsession with Star Trek and chiptunes. It’s actually possible to bond over those things. When my husband and I first met we geeked out hard over Final Fantasy music and a few years later we played the FFIV fanfare after our wedding ceremony. It was epic. However if you feel like you need a walkthrough to get through your quest for love then try the Geek’s Guide to Dating. It features helpful tips like figuring out how to use your geek powers for good instead of evil. For example, use your awesome ability to curate stuff to buy your sweetheart a gift they’ll love, but DON’T criticize their tastes in games, movies and anime. Take it from me, that’s just obnoxious. But play your cards right and you’ll beat out those boring regular people who try to gift crap like lingerie and jewelry when all a girl really wants is the new Pokemon for the 3DS.

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