Be honest. At some point in your life you borrowed a book from a friend with every intention of reading it but you never found the time. And by never found the time I mean you sat down on the couch every night to watch sitcoms and reality TV because despite all of your delusions, you’re not really much of a reader. Back before DVRs it was easy to justify that a book can wait, but now so can TV. Of course if the book you’re putting off was made by Argentinean publishers Eterna Cadencia, it really can’t wait. The Book That Can’t Wait uses ink that will completely disappear within two months of coming into contact with the sun and air. Woah two months? It took my junior year English class an entire semester to read one book. But to be fair, we were a class full of slackers and our teacher was fired for buying weed from students.

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  1. Sean

    Interesting concept, if I’m going to only read the book once. though the only problem I have with it, is that I then cannot go back to years later without buying a new copy. on the bright side, in two months I’ll have a blank journal.

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