People have done a lot of things in the name of Christ—from charity to crusades—but up until recently no one’s ever pole danced for their lord and savior. To be fair, pole dancing has become very main stream and even somewhat tame these days, no longer getting pegged exclusively as a slutty stripper thing. Women everywhere have been purchasing at-home pole kits and attending pole dancing workout classes…it’s just… most of them wouldn’t brag about it at church. But the women of Old Spring Town, Texas don’t see why they should be ashamed of the bodies God gave them—even on Sundays. In fact, Sunday is when they attend their Pole Fitness for Jesus class, which of course is set to uplifting Christian music. The owners of a nearby Christian gift shop aren’t exactly feeling the “love thy neighbor” vibe, but the dance instructor Crystal Dean reminds them that judging others isn’t very Christian. Personally I don’t see what’s so controversial. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m late for my Lap Dancing for Satan class.

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