This is a series of self portraits by photographer Kerry Skarbakka. But these are not your teenage sister’s selfies complete with duck lips and flashing a made up gang sign. In these photos, Kerry’s falling. Falling in the shower, from a ladder, off his bike, to his death, and more! Man I love people falling. It’s a part of why I am and always will be a diehard America’s Funniest Videos fan. I tune in for the crotch shots, but I stay for the people falling. Actually, people falling played a role in the foundation of my relationship with my boyf. On our first date, we were snacking on some Ralph’s italian ice when a little kid on a bike rode by and bit it right in front of us. Instead of being responsible decent human beings, we started snickering which gradually grew into full-blown LOLs. Then we looked into each other’s eyes and that was when we knew: this is what it feels like for two sickos to fall in love. Thank you little kid falling, you brought two completeĀ scumbags together. There’s someone for everyone!







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Via: HUH. Magazine


  1. atheistgirl

    With the first picture my SECOND thought was ‘that is going to hurt’
    My first thought was ‘nice arse’.
    Does that make me a bad person?

  2. Lily

    Me too but instead I thought “nice arse” first.

  3. Shadrach

    My first thought was: Who still uses those crazy big monitors? Then it was “yeah, that is a pretty nice arse.”

  4. Brittany High

    Not a bad person, a good judge of butts

  5. Nicole Healing

    My thought was “Why is this not full frontal? Tease.”

  6. RedeyeSPR

    What’s in the mirror in the last pic? It looks like a window with him falling out of a tree outside.

  7. Lu

    It’s a mirror and there’s a reflection of a photo on the opposite wall of him falling outside plus the regular reflection

  8. minx

    A Stupid incredible thing

  9. Niels Bundgaard

    Not at all šŸ™‚

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