The Guitar Pee is an interactive urinal that allows the user (read: pisser) to make music based on the direction and force of the urine streams. This weird looking guitar urinal was reported to us by guys at Guitar Junky. After your whiz, your MPee3 is available to download so you can play it for all your friends. They’re gonna say you’re crayzaaaaaay. I’m not insane, urine sane! The concept is brought to us by Billboard magazine and is currently on display (read: getting pissed on) in Sao Paulo, Brazil. No word if they’re gonna make a version for us toilet sitters, but I hope they do. The sooner the better. I’ve got a song inside of me that’s just begging to get out. Know what I’m saying? I’m saying I gotta go to the ladies’ room. BAD.

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  1. Steven Lazo

    What about all the splashbacks?

  2. Brittany High

    Steven, that’s how you cause feedback

  3. southbaymatt

    You gotta control the fingering on your guitar neck to avoid that!