Linda Ducharme is a woman. A woman in love! The lucky lady just tied the knot to the love of her life: Bruce. But Bruce isn’t just your regular Joe Schmoe. He’s a ferris wheel. The blushing bride met Bruce at a carnival back in 1982 and she’s been smitten ever since. “Bruce is my world, I think about him constantly, it just completely feels right when I’m with Bruce,” says Linda of her new husband. Touching. The rest of us can only dream of finding a love so pure, so sweet, so simple. I mean, personally, it’d be nice if it was between me and another human. No judging, but I’ve just never really been into carnival rides. They make me queasy! Not just because I always overdo it on funnel cake and corn dogs, but okay, that does actually play a role in the overall issue.


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Via: The Huffington Post

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