What if today’s pop stars had their own cartoon shows? I don’t know, but I’d definitely watch. Cartoons are like my thing. Right up there with getting high, Taco Bell, and sleeping. Illustrators Caldwell Tanner and Nathan Yaffe drew up what they imagine what cartoons would be like if they featured today’s pop stars. They mash up Macklemore and Captain Planet, Katy Perry with Jem and the Holgrams, Justin Bieber makes a great Babar the elephant. Who would’ve guessed? Ooh, I bet Justy could’ve had a hunch! All that sizzurp probably gets his brain going in all the kooky-ass places. It’s only one short ride on the snake to Valhalla before you imagine yourself as a character in children’s books. Trust me, I’m basically an expert on such things. “Such things” being “purple drank,” just so we’re clear.







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