Give your phone a rest and consider playing an actual game with actual pieces! This new twist on the world’s greatest board game can be played over time, without ever having to worry about it getting messed up. Gravity has no effect on Scrabble with Scrabble Message Board Game Play Scrabble on Your Wall. Using magnetic tiles and tile racks, it hangs on the wall. It comes with a dry erase board and marker to keep score or use as a message board. The best part is there is no twisting and turning of players or the board, because everyone can see the letters right side up all the time. Another cool thing about this version of the game is that players can take their time to learn new words while playing. For example, if your competitor plays a word you’ve never seen before, it would help to look it up so that you learn the meaning, as well as synonyms, antonyms, and how the word is used in a sentence. Even those who rely on word unscrambling tools to do the work for them can expand their vocabulary in this way.

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