As a parent, I can tell you that you spend most of your days trying your very best to NOT be the reason your child ends up in therapy. Though it is important to keep in mind that if your kid ends up on a couch, he or she is going to be spilling every last detail of the childhood you so lovingly provided. Knock Knock’s How To Traumatize Your Children cuts right to the chase. Categorized as Self-Hurt rather than Self-Help, think of it as a guide to what you should avoid doing and saying for 18 years.

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  1. momy dearest

    im going to go to court it is my goal to take my s ick family to court and make them held accountable for the sick manner of which they tortured me as a kid. they said they are not liable or responsible, for what they did and deny it. im taking this book with me. since anything i said or stated is t here in print for most part dsylexic informative. to give a parent in deep denial no way to say , not me..