This is a DIY Make-Out Pillow. Because valentine’s day is right around the corner and I am so so very alone. Or maybe you have a special someone but you want to polish up your skills or test out some new techniques. Must be nice! The tutorial was put together by Instructables user Emily Grace King. Thanks to Emily, I now have plans for V-Day. BRB crying in the shower.¬†Okay, I’m back. Man that was depressing. Making the Make-Out Pillow requires some scissors, a sewing machine, a need, plus a Sharpie. You’ll also need felt, thread, embroidery floss, glue, pillow stuffing, cardboard, a sheet of paper, and CPR dummy mouth. Where does one procure a CPR dummy mouth? Well, Emily found a whole bunch of them bagged up in a suitcase in the dumpster by her apartment building, so I dunno, maybe check there. If you’re like me you won’t find any CPR dummy mouths, but you will run into your crazy old lady neighbor who digs through the garbage looking for styrofoam cups to paint. Don’t ask me why, I have no f***ing clue.




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  1. ShibeEgg

    i have no fucking clue. :^L