Photographer Jordan Matter brings us this photoseries called Dancers Among Us. It features ballet dancers posing in real life situations like showering, catching the subway, shopping, working, and making out hardcore. As you can see, the dancers are extremely talented. It’s kind of insane. I used to think it was kind of impressive that I could touch my toes. But not anymore! I mean, how do they do their legs like that? And their flexy, bendy backs? Are they missing some vertebrae or something? Because that’s the only explanation I can think of.















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  1. QueenBCarter

    Wow these are pretty cool!

  2. matsie

    I really love this series!

    I only wish there was a *little* more variation in the posing. But that’s being nitpicky!

  3. Helen Crawford

    My favorite is the simple ballet shoe pose in construction work mode.

  4. momoko

    My favourite too!

  5. Andrew Spartecles

    I dig the couples one ๐Ÿ˜‰ totally sexy and fresh

  6. alise

    Mine too, and the first one -that is hilarious ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Cary

    Whoa! WOW!!!

  8. Jamie's Butterflies

    that first guy must have went to the hospital after slipping coming back down..Hell no he had slippery ass body soap in his hand and hes messing wth water…jus saying its nutty lmao

  9. Susan

    Which couples one? There are three, at least.

  10. from me to you

    I thought this at first, but the shower head isn’t on and it isn’t ‘steamy’ enough. I am assuming that they used body oil to give the appearance of water. So I am sure he was quite safe ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Idell

    If you look to the top of the shower photo you will see he is holding onto something. Impressive though

  12. Bernt

    Not holding on…giving the index and pinky finger up, rock out, hand gesture… He’s totally rocking out in the shower…shampoo bottle microphone and all!

  13. Keoma McCaffrey

    I have not enjoyed pictures like this for a long time. They were beautiful and funny and poignant, everything art is supposed to be. Art in Real life-Hell yeah!

  14. donnyboy

    they should have more than just ballet dancers…. that can get boring

  15. Carlos Tong

    Thank you, Jordan Matter and Brittany High~!

  16. staubatn

    Now that is Flippin’ AWESOME!!!

  17. crw

    There are only two that are clearly ballet dancers… some of the others are less obvious, they could be jazz, modern, or even ballroom dancers… but they all definitely have excellent technique

  18. Francesca Hampton

    Love these! Gives a clear measure of how amazingly more fit dancers are than the rest of us! Love you all!

  19. MEG

    last one “WTF DID I MARRY?”

  20. Defenseman13

    you’re nutty

  21. Defenseman13

    yeah, pretty anal

  22. Defenseman13

    you get boring

  23. litemeup

    from the perspective of art for the sake of art, these images are really cool.
    the heading however led me to think of more images like the shopper; dancers being overtly dancer like in every day situations. Not pointe shoes in dirt with blue jeans or serving drinks.
    noting against ballet. one can exemplify ballet without being on pointe.

  24. litemeup

    i should proofread better. me speling kinda sux

  25. Deena JeNiro


  26. KitKat

    Maybe he has adhesive ducks to keep him safe!

  27. Travlingypsy

    i like the first one. Girl, in air, holding tree, smelling flowers. 2nd fav. couple crossing street where he is horizontal behind her.

  28. hadar

    kissing and dancing in the water …so cude….i loveit!!

  29. Judson

    yeah, that shower head is on too. he ain’t faking it.

  30. Pen is Hunter

    I wanted to see more penis.

  31. Pen is Hunter

    More dancing weenie please!

  32. Terri Lynn Martin

    WOW!!!! These pics are as neat as the people in them,,,,simply beautiful. I love everything about them…”Kudos to you and five finger snaps”

  33. Jennifer S

    The pictures are gorgeous! I cannot fathom how some of these were done, let alone caught on film.

  34. shhhhh

    what’s you’re problem?

  35. tissy69

    Just looove the waitress in the beer garden… and have a wild guess what i would love doing YES !! 6969 call me

  36. GtheChamp

    Humans in motion are often breath-taking.

  37. Stella R

    FANTASTIC!!! the poses, the flexibility and the quality of the focus on each picture ! SO IMPRESSIVE! i wouldent mind having one or two hanging on my wall 8<)

  38. Stella R

    The guy flying in the air across the street ! I just cant imagin HOW he landed on his feet ! so Impressive!

  39. Minnie Gupta

    My fav is the guy crossing the street…..that whole pose looks so natural….I have no idea how he managed to land back up…..amazing!

  40. Jane

    Wow, wow, wow! Yes, would love to have the ability and the energy.

  41. Douglas Porter

    Great series, bravo !!!

  42. thepragmatist

    He probably just rolled when he hit the ground. Or tumbled. Or his partner caught him in some way. It’s pretty fantastic looking. I think that’s my fave.

  43. Michael Weaver

    My fave: on pointe in the coal pile. Not alone, I see.

  44. jean clarkemills

    awesome, art at work!

  45. JD

    Very impressive series! Fantastically Extreme to the Max! None of us average Arthurs or Marthas could ever achieve the heights or extensions than these human work of arts! Thats why we adore the sight of them! Hope this series continues…

  46. Amanda

    That picture reminds me so much of Flashdance. Its my favorite out of all of them.

  47. Meatworld

    I would think the blue-ish thing at the bottom might be one of those have better grip in the shower pad for him to land on.

  48. Meatworld

    This reminds me of the Babysitter’s Club book/movie’s Jesse who likes to dance as she lives life.

  49. The queen

    As a dancer I often jump in the shower, but imma have to try some of those make out poses, never occurred to me…

  50. Sweet3lite

    omg LOL this is hystarical mai fav is definatley the one where the dude was running to the subway XD

  51. Jessica

    Stone Street Tavern, FiDi NYC!

  52. Dee

    Hope the guy in the first picture has excellent medical insurance as that couldn’t have ended well……..

  53. John

    wow, they have some ups.

    i bet that guy in the shower slipped on his landing

  54. IanKnight

    jumping in a porcelin tub is safer with body oil than with water?

  55. John

    up skirt perv

  56. hayduke

    my second fav, the surfer my first girl with the apple.. WOW!

  57. Sophie

    I love the two people kissing on the beach. Very romantic.

  58. ?

    Is the girl in the beer garden not wearing any underwear?! :O

    Other than that, these photos are fantastic!

  59. Debby Kellar Pattin

    Don’t think the shower scene is safe. Too slippery! Yikes.

  60. robb c

    it has to be photoshopped people ..if that porcelain was wet…he’s dead !

  61. PatoPaez

    Agreed. Same here.

  62. PatoPaez

    I was just thinking the same thing.

  63. Jack Addison

    there’s probably just a rubber matt on the floor of the tub…

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