If you’re like most Americans then your personal anthem is probably Stress by Jim’s Big Ego and there’s a good chance that you’re only one caffeinated beverage away from a stroke. You seriously need to chill the hell out… and probably switch to decaf. While we don’t have any solid advice for how to effectively quit coffee, we can at least point you in the right direction when it comes to relaxing. Scientists and British band Marconi Union have put together the most relaxing song ever made. It’s called Weightless and it uses a continuous rhythm of 60 BPM that will make your brainwaves and heart rate synchronise with it. Even though it uses science and has been proven in studies to be more relaxing than Enya, it’s okay if you find it grating. They also claim that Someone Like You by Adele is one of the top 10 most relaxing tunes. I’m sorry, but after hearing her belt it out for the gazillionth time on the radio, I beg to differ.

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  1. RJ

    That’s MARCONI Union, not MACARONI Union. 😛

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