This month the University of Rochester will be hosting its first Human Library or as I like to call it, Hoomun Libarry. It’s a super creative, unique concept that’s like a library except that, instead of checking out a book, you borrow a person who will tell you stories. Perfect for those of us who can’t read good! You get just half an hour with a storyteller who will share personal anecdotes and experiences from their past. Of course the people involved are most likely interesting individuals with lots of amazing stories to share. Unlike me. My selections would include such riveting tales as “The Time I Ate A Bug” and “My Near-Death Experience Was Actually Just A Bad Dream.” And there’s more where that came from! But not much more. I imagine I’d just fill the remaining 26 minutes with “Listen To Me Count Backwards From 1,000 By Sevens.”



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  1. adela

    Thats awesome! love to be a part

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