Once you cast your spell on dinner, win over your friends and family with the flick of your Remote Control Wand. Designed by Kymera, it’s the world’s first real magic wand and a motion-sensitive, button-less universal remote control. With just a flick of your Sci-fi loving wrist, you can control almost any TV, DVD, set-top box, hi-fi, or pretty much any equipment that uses a regular infra-red remote control. It performs 13 magical functions (with each function emulating one button from a regular remote control, as it learns from your existing remote controls. Priced right for a holiday gift, it’s presented in a dramatic red silk brocade-lined gift box with a black faux-dragonhide covering.

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  1. Dan

    Who’d have thought wizards would need video conferencing! That’s a Lifesize dial screen on the tv

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