Sure there’s a Bible in every hotel room, but what about when you’re on the plane or in the car en route? When you can’t be home, but can’t be without your favorite verses, there’s the Audio Bible. Devout followers can enjoy reading and listening their favorite verses from King James and World English Bibles anywhere, anytime. Features of the electronic portable audio bible include an easy to read display, jack for speakers or ear buds, and 70+ hours of narration by David Wagner and David Williams. I don’t know who these Davids are, but then again, I don’t own a bible.

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  1. anon

    Like many other devices I’ve seen aimed at non-technical religious folk (or the elderly, or any other non-tech savvy individuals within specific cultural groups), this is nothing more than a highly, and unnecessarily, specialized version of a better technology already available. There is nothing this does that a smartphone, ipod touch, tablet, most e-readers or any form of laptop/netbook can’t do immensely better.

    While fifty bucks might be a low price point compared to some of the higher tech offerings out there, many older used devices can be found for similar or slightly higher prices that are going to let you download other books (including other versions of the bible), other narrations/readings, and generally just let you do other stuff in general (podcasts, Internet browsing, music, movies, apps, programs, etc. This device is for people traveling, right?). A search and bookmark feature is not some elite capability, and a screen that displays more than a sentence has been the norm for well over a decade.

    The magic-jack still takes the cake in my opinion as a flat out scam playing off people who don’t know better solutions exist. I’ve talked to people who’ve bought devices like this, or gps units that only work in a single city, cell phones that only call a fixed group of numbers (literally, no keypad, just nine buttons each tied to a different pre-saved number), gameboy-looking things that only play one game or little tv’s with single or limited built in movies that can’t be used for anything else, and they’ve all said the same thing. It did the job they wanted, and that’s all they wanted. They didn’t need to learn anything new. And they aren’t alone…. which is why I’m sure this incredibly hobbled, limited and outdated e-reader will sell.

    As a techy person though, devices like this bible-reader (which looks like, and probably is built off of a discontinued pocket translator with only minor cosmetic changes) are like nails down a blackboard.