From time to time students, novelist, bloggers, academic writers, and screenwriters find themselves with a writing task. The most common or used writing app is the Microsoft word installed on computers. However, with the increase in technology more apps have been developed which have different features according to the type of work that an individual wants done. Recent research has shown that many people prefer an app used for all writing works which include word unscrambler, spelling checker, word counter, and importantly plagiarism. With the success of developing applications that can do all the work, writing has been made simpler and enjoyable.

The task of writing academic papers for students has been especially simplified. Now it’s enough just to google “write my essay” or to look for essaypro reviews and choose the appropriate option from dozens of services.

Moreover, different applications have a different key feature that enables anyone with a writing task to choose the best according to the type of work they are undertaking.  Writing has become important as some people make a living out of writing books, articles and writing assignments for students. Additionally, it has evolved over the years since years ago there were no writing jobs. Nowadays, a student may find themselves with many assignments to do and with the help of these new writing applications, their work becomes easy. Moreover, the apps save a lot of time thus giving them ample time to complete their assignments and personal essays. However, if you find that you don’t have enough time to work on your term papers and still prepare for your exam, trust the services of assignment help in Australia. Their professional writers will do an amazing work for you and you’ll have enough time to read for your finals. If you need help affording these services, maybe use title loans to pay the bill.

Some of the best writing apps include Ulysses, Prowritingaid, Scrivener, Scribus, and Focuswriter. These apps have different key features and writers choose an app that is favorable to their type of work. We also recommend exploring more job opportunities for writers via the job listings site Jooble.


Unlike other applications, this was mainly developed for bloggers. It is known that bloggers write about almost everything that attracts readers to their post. For example, they can write when promoting a product, when criticizing anything and even when exposing people. Ulysses is a simple, text-only editor. It is favorable to users that mainly focus on the content rather than formatting and layout. The benefit of using this writing app is that you can publish your work directly to WordPress from the application. Additionally, the interface of the app looks nice and allows you to stick and concentrate on the writing thus avoiding distractions. Therefore, this app is the best for bloggers as it makes their work comfortable and enjoyable. Moreover, the app has a feature that enables easy access to materials written in the past. Many writers have praised the app and testify how it has dramatically increased their productivity.


This application is used as a proofreading and as an editing tool. It is found on the internet and installed on a desktop for easy access. This application offers the best editing tool when compared to other automated apps. Apart from being a grammar checker, it provides many different style suggestions to assist in improving your writing. Moreover, it has the usual spellcheck feature and also good at checking plagiarism in any work entered into the app.  Therefore, the app is useful for all types of work and mainly for students. This is because it helps in detecting plagiarism and grammar errors in academic papers.  Moreover, it can also be used by anyone who wants to minimize the time for proofreading their work when the pages are too many. The app helps to reduce human errors thus providing work with no grammar errors. This application is used as a proofreading and as an editing tool (similar to Grammarly and others).


Scrivener is an app that is mainly suitable for writers who only create long-form content.  This app is incredible as it helps a writer with almost all steps used when writing. These steps include research, organizing of materials and outlining. Moreover, it is advantageous when writing many chapters as it allows you to hold them comfortably into separate segments. Some of the critical features of scrivener include distraction free mode, where the app gets all of your attention to writing your content. Secondly, the app can easily merge several documents to make one or separate them when combined. Additionally, it has a scriptwriting mode that allows easy script formatting. Moreover, it has a feature that facilitates the creation of a digital storyboard that has free cards. Therefore, Scrivener can be a useful tool when writing a novel.


This app has been there since 2001 and remains incredible even after the development of other apps. However, the app is regularly updated for excellent performance and compatibility.  It is beneficial when a writer wants the appearance of the words to catch the eyes of the reader. Some of the main features of the app include professional-level print design tools, supports layers and cross-platform. Additionally, the application offers proper color management thus giving a wide variety of colors that a writer may need to make their work eye-catching. Therefore, this app is suitable for magazine articles. However, it is not ideal for work with a lot of pages but ideal for shorter works.


As the name of the application depicts this app is mainly used by writers who are easily distracted when writing. Some of the distractions are brought about by other apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These apps are mainly social apps and are a great distraction when writing. Therefore, the app helps a writer to focus on writing their work by blocking all distractions. The app enables you to hide other apps thus making you concentrate on your work. Some of the other critical features of the app are customizing the appearance of the text on the screen and keeping track of your work progress. Additionally, this app makes a writer use little time when doing their work due to the blocking of distractions. Therefore, it is a great app to be used by students when the deadline for submitting an assignment is fast approaching.

In recent interviews with writers, they have strongly advocated the use of these apps.

“I have used many of the new writing apps; they are excellent and helpful in all ways. I have actively advocated the use of these apps in all academic seminars I have attended. Moreover, the apps have made our jobs easy and the easier they are the more jobs we do.”

“Focuswriter is one of the best writing applications. I personally love using it because it blocks all other apps thus enabling a person to concentrate more. I like Twitter and anytime am doing a job using Focuswriter, I am never distracted to check out what is trending.”

“The Prowritingaid app is excellent and helpful; it saves me time that I would spend proofreading and checking grammar errors. Therefore, it makes my work easy and allows me to write quality work.”

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