You know that sore, aching feeling that follows your gym routine? It’s because a good workout causes damage to your muscle tissue.

There’s no need to panic — this strain is what helps your muscles grow. But that doesn’t mean it feels too great. Your muscles are inflamed, after all.

Sometimes, you may even overexert  yourself, making it difficult to accomplish something as simple as picking an item up. And if you’re not properly hydrated, you may find yourself with additional tension, nausea, or headaches. To keep your muscles and body feeling pristine following a workout, you’ll need aftercare.

Hemp products are growing favorites among gym rats and athletes alike. In this guide, we’ll discuss how hemp helps you recover from a workout and some of the most common product types for you to try.

So, How Does Hemp Help Workout Recovery?

Hemp has become quite popular these days as a natural pain reliever, but that’s not all it does. The benefits of hemp include:

  • Relief from inflammation
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Nausea relief

Both anecdotal and scientific accounts back up these claims. These solid testimonies have brought hemp products into the limelight, especially for post-workout muscle care. Using hemp after a workout will help with muscle inflammation and stiffness, letting you relax and heal up before the next gym session.

The Best Hemp Products for Recovery

Lots of hemp products are on the market these days. They’re available everywhere, from your local gas station to your favorite online vendor. Each touts different effects and benefits. So, when it comes to muscle recovery, certain types are better than others.

The following are the top 5 hemp product types for post-workout care.

1. Tea

After a workout, it’s in your body’s interest to take it easy. And maybe your body wants to, but your mind is still in go-go-go mode, thanks to all the endorphins you’ve just released.

Hemp tea is an excellent way to relax your body and mind. People turn to it for stress relief, but it’s also a great way to reduce inflammation and prevent stiffness. You’ll have the advantage of seeing the benefits quickly, as our bodies process liquid faster than food.

If it’s really working for you, consider checking out wholesale CBD tea for those cost-effective hemp purchases.

2. Topical Creams

You can apply topical hemp creams right on your skin to help sore muscles and aching joints. After applying a topical cream, your skin will absorb the cannabinoids directly and offer great relief from workout-related pains.

You can find products infused with other soothing ingredients, like aloe, for extra relief. Consistency and application style vary for topicals. You’ll find bottled lotions, roll-on sticks, and thick creams — there’s a choice for everyone!

3. Oils

Hemp oil has remained commercially popular since the plant’s legalization. And it’s great for that post-gym relief!

This product provides a mild reprieve for muscle aches and promotes a sense of calmness. Certain drops are flavored to enhance the experience. Lemon ginger and peppermint seem to be popular, but you can opt for a flavorless oil too.

You should leave the oil under your tongue for the best results. Your mucous membrane will absorb cannabidiol quickly, helping you experience relief sooner. Or, you could load hemp oil into a vape.

In states where it’s legal, hemp oil can include a percentage of THC. Make sure to examine product labels closely so that you know what you’re putting into your body.

4. Gummies

Ingesting gummies is a fast, easy way to take a post-workout hemp supplement for muscle recovery.

Hemp gummies help manage your body’s natural balance, as they efficiently interact with your endocannabinoid system. This process helps restore and maintain a steady flow of energy.

Edibles are particularly popular because of their convenience. Gummies and other prepared cannabidiol confections don’t demand any prep work. You can throw them in your gym bag and snack on them as soon as you finish leg day.

5. Flower

That’s right — the hemp flower is smokeable, and the ratio of CBD to THC is altered from the standard marijuana plant. Smoking is one of the fastest-acting consumption methods, so your body will welcome instant relief and be able to wind down after strenuous activity. The best news? Your mind won’t experience the psychoactive properties of THC, as the hemp flower usually contains negligible amounts of this compound.

Final Thoughts

Post-workout care isn’t just about eating a good meal. You have to physically care for those muscles you’re building. Give your body the love and relaxation it deserves by trying out a tea, cream, oil, gummy, or flower infused with hemp.

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